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Student and Emerging Professionals Selected for SPOTLIGHT Mini-Series

The ASLA 2018 Student & Emerging Professional SPOTLIGHT mini-series call for proposals closed in late May, and the following participants will be working with Professional Practice Network (PPN) mentors throughout the summer to share their fresh perspectives on the profession, developing innovative research and presentations:

Students and Emerging Professionals

Rebekah Lawrence, Student ASLA
ArcGIS at the Intersection of Ecological Restoration & Cultural Preservation

Yadan Luo, Associate ASLA
Imagining Streetscapes in the Driverless City

Zixu Qiao, Associate ASLA
Climate Change Armor - The Strategies to Protect Communities from Flood Events and the Eventual Impacts of Sea Level Rise

Jennifer Ren, Student ASLA
Choreographing a Greenway: Exploring Experiential Diversity through Choreographic Dance Principles

PPN Mentors

Hunter Beckham, Sustainable Design & Development PPN
David Cutter, Campus Planning & Design PPN
Eric Gilbey, Digital Technology PPN
Emily O’Mahoney, Women in Landscape Architecture PPN
Kristina Snyder, Women in Landscape Architecture PPN
Amy Wagenfeld, Children’s Outdoor Environments PPN

Final SPOTLIGHT presentations will be hosted in August. Stay tuned for the presentation announcements! To view past SPOTLIGHT presentations, visit ASLA Online Learning.

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