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2018 Annual Meeting and EXPO Registration Is Now Open

Landscape architecture is the art and science of designing space in a way that creates meaningful connections. Our work brings people together, connects people to nature, and respects natural systems and the impact these systems have on our lives.

Today’s social, cultural, and environmental pressures are demonstrating the need for holistic solutions and have created a tipping point for the value of our work. The training, expertise, and experience of landscape architects have positioned the profession to take advantage of this climate.

The connections we make now will enable us to expand our recognition and influence. Our responsibility is to tell our story, to advocate for the profession, and to ensure our role in shaping our communities.

This city is famous for bringing bright minds together to accomplish the remarkable. Its mix of reverence toward history, recognition of current challenges, and hope for a better future is an inspiration to the changing world in which we find ourselves.

Benjamin Franklin said, “The noblest question in the world is, ‘What good may I do in it?’” Landscape architects have a lot of answers to that question and see the future that is shaped by the profession as a better world.
Let’s come together in Philadelphia to share our knowledge and wisdom, gain new perspectives, and energize our profession!

Gregory A. Miller, FASLA, PLA

Register today!

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