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New Rating System Promises to Advance Green Roof and Wall Performance

New Rating System Promises to Advance Green Roof and Wall Performance

The Green Infrastructure Foundation (GIF) is pleased to announce the release of the Living Architecture Performance Tool (LAPT), a consensus-based rating system and framework for green roof and wall performance. The LAPT is to green roofs and walls what LEED is to green buildings; it takes a very complex system of technologies, environments, and performance levels, and makes it understandable.

The LAPT is a 110-credit system which was developed over five years with the input of over 50 experts. The goal is to improve the performance of green roofs and walls by certifying that they are planned to achieve measurable and replicable performance benefits so that they can be funded, designed, installed, and maintained with confidence.

The LAPT could serve as a powerful tool for landscape architects, helping them to design green roofs and walls to maximize benefits, identify synergies to reduce costs, ensure long-lasting living architecture projects, and integrate living architecture into buildings to prevent value engineering.

In spring 2018, GIF is inviting designers to submit a project for the 25-project LAPT pilot phase. This is an opportunity for forward-thinking and innovative organizations to be among the first to explore and leverage the potential of this valuable tool while setting themselves apart as leaders in the field.

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