Call for Papers - 55th International Making Cities Livable Conference on Healthy, 10-Minute Neighborhoods

Join Livable Cities in Ottawa to share your achievements and learn from others how we can best promote healthy, sustainable, equitable 10-minute neighborhoods. We shall discuss the best neighborhood models for encouraging walking, biking, and public transit; high-density human scale mixed use; places to foster daily social life and community; opportunities for daily contact with nature; and equitable neighborhood planning.

Paper proposals are invited from elected officials, scholars, and practitioners concerned with issues such as the following:

Planning 10-Minute neighborhoods
Land-use planning for new neighborhoods
Re-shaping suburbia into healthy 10-minute neighborhoods
Generating Community in 10-Minute Neighborhoods
Neighborhood plazas, sociable squares
Reclaiming streets for people
Child- and elder-friendly lifetime community
Form-based coding to generate “Eyes on the Street”
Combatting loneliness, depression, strengthening the "Social immune system"
Social networks in vertical and horizontal sprawl v. human scale density
The Ecologically Sustainable 10-Minute Neighborhood
Fighting climate change by healthy urban design
Transit-oriented, mixed-use development
Restructuring suburbs: malls, multi-functional schools, mixed-use infill
Sustainability of high-rise and sprawl v. human scale density
Green architecture, green urban design
Combatting food deserts, urban agriculture
Healthy green and blue urban ecosystems
The Equitable 10-Minute Neighborhood
Inclusive and equitable communities, healing social segregation
Mixed-income/affordable family housing Stabilizing low-income home ownership
Shared equity housing, etc.
Community participation/ Children and youth involvement
Prioritizing improvements in poor neighborhoods, barrios and favelas
Housing the homeless/preventing homelessness Integrating immigrants and asylum seekers.

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