Product News by Forms + Surfaces, DuMor, Victor Stanley, and LAND8

Product News by Forms + Surfaces, DuMor, Victor Stanley, and LAND8


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Urban Parks: From Dumping Grounds to Centers of Energy
Huffington Post
“Central and Prospect Parks, jewels created by Frederick Law Olmsted, Sr. and Calvert Vaux, have been rewoven into the city and the relatively new High Line (one of the city’s best non-prescription mood elevators), has unequivocally demonstrated the potential for pairing historic preservation and design, as well as landscape architecture, architecture and horticulture.”

Holland Is Relocating Homes to Make More Room for High Water
PRI’s The World
“But [Mathieu] Schouten, a landscape architect, says that about 20 years ago, those defenses started to crack.”

How Bucharest Accidentally Created One of Europe’s Largest Urban Parks
“Urban parks in densely populated cities are more often the result of decades of meticulous planning than of neglect, but the recent designation of Bucharest’s rich Văcărești wilderness shows that mother nature remains the most powerful landscape architect.”

Asheville as Much About Vision as It Is Vistas
Boston Globe
“Take, for example, Frederick Law Olmstead, the landscape architect who designed New York’s Central Park and Boston’s Emerald Necklace, as well as the grounds of Biltmore, George Washington Vanderbilt II’s 125,000-acre estate here.”

Careful Pruning Takes Longer and Lasts Longer
Orange County Register
“Early in my career, my 80-something mentor, landscape architect Milton Sessions, taught me about pruning woody shrubs and trees his way.”

Governors Island Gains New Ground
Architectural Record
“Led by Dutch landscape architect Adriaan Geuze, West 8 has created an elaborate game of hide-and-seek with the topography.”

Six Companies Changing the Way We Travel
Fast Company
“Changi’s CEO said from the outset: ‘If we’re going to do this, I want this to be all about passenger comfort: 24 degrees Celsius (75 degrees Fahrenheit) and normal humidity.’ Peter Walker, the landscape architect, suggested that means looking for species that thrive in tropical conditions—but high [and cooler] altitudes. So they’re now busy picking out trees in Australia, the upper hills in Thailand, and Malaysia.”

Executive Suite: Pelican Bay Landscape Designer Jack Lieber Helped Shape the Scenery of Southwest Florida
Naples Daily News
“The 80-year-old landscape architect has shaped the scenery of a number of iconic master-planned communities on both the east and west coasts of Florida, including the 2,300-acre Pelican Bay in North Naples.”

City Looks to Convert Abandoned Queens Playground into Public Park
“Residents had previously campaigned to convert this land to a park named Cautley Garden, after landscape architect Marjorie Sewell Cautley, who helped design much of the neighborhood in the 1920s.”

Why Roberto Burle Marx’s Art Is Still Too Big for Museums
“Walking into the Jewish Museum’s new exhibit on Roberto Burle Marx, the Brazilian landscape architect best known for his strikingly patterned seaside pavements on Rio de Janeiro’s Copacabana Beach, the first thing you’ll notice is the tapestry.”

Inside the Minds of Zoo Animals
“‘Landscape architects began to work in zoos and, rather than build buildings for animals, they started building landscapes,’ [Terry] Maple says. ‘That revolution started in the late 70s with the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle — which, by the way, was run at that time by an architect. So this merger, this fusing architecture and behavioral science led to tremendous advances in how animals were housed. And you just speed ahead to where we are today and animals are living in much different environments, much more akin to nature.’”

Holistic Healing
Greater Milwaukee Today
“From landscape architecture and healing gardens to unique amenities and furnishings, health care facilities are promoting the idea of holistic wellness through such additions.”

Local Architect Presents Histories of Two San Antonio African American Communities
San Antonio Express-News
“And they found out about landscape architect Everett L. Fly, a San Antonio native nationally recognized for preserving historic sites across the nation.”

Frank Gehry's Controversial L.A. River Plan Gets Cautious, Low-key Rollout
Los Angeles Times
“According to Tensho Takemori and Anand Devarajan, the partners in Gehry’s firm who have been overseeing research on the river — alongside prominent Philadelphia landscape architect Laurie Olin and Mark Hanna, a water resources engineer at Geosyntec Consultants — the website is meant to emphasize that the new master plan remains a work in progress.”

Cycling Sightseers
Harvard Magazine
“The Landscape Architect’s Guide to Boston is an online collection of tours through 26 neighborhoods, including South Boston, Jamaica Plain, and a few in Cambridge, many off the tourist track.”

Landscape Architect Talks Public Parks
Vancouver Courier
“The latest design trend to affect urban, neighborhood parks is that city dwellers are asking more of their parks, according to a landscape architect, and it’s none too soon for space-limited Vancouver.” 

U.S. Streetscape and Landscape Architect Books Published
Horticulture Week
“The Monicelli Press is publishing The Landscape of Hoerr Schaudt and Sidewalk Gardens of New York this autumn.”

Brush Strokes: Idea House’s Landscape Architect Creates Art with Plants
Over the Mountain Journal
“Although you might not realize it right away, David Brush has one of those cool names that fits his profession. He’s an artist – but as a landscape architect, he uses plants instead of paints.”

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