Product News by Forms + Surfaces, DuMor, Victor Stanley, and LAND8

Product News by Forms + Surfaces, DuMor, Victor Stanley, and LAND8


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How Historical Relevance Creates Meaningful Multifamily Landscapes
Multi-Housing News
Landscape architecture firm EPTDESIGN has been helping apartment communities achieve this atmosphere since its start in 1962, researching each site’s ecological, cultural and built histories when designing spaces.”

D.C. Community Calendar, April 14-21, 2016
The Washington Post
“Filmmaker Carey Lundin explores the innovative ideas of Jens Jensen to make the modern city livable for all. Jensen was a pioneering conservationist, creator of the Prairie Style in landscape architecture, and considered dean of landscape architects.”

Planting in Medians and Roadside Could Aid Climate
Poughkeepsie Journal
“‘Highway roadsides may be an overlooked and undervalued component of the department’s resources available to reduce greenhouse gases and assist in meeting California Air Resources Board compliance goals,’ says Doug Brown, a senior landscape architect with Caltrans. ‘When managed properly, trees are proven cost-effective mitigation measures that sequester carbon.’”

Mountain View Cemetery Hosting First 5K Event
Mercury-News (San Jose, California)
“Mountain View Cemetery's popularity is not surprising. It consists of 223 acres up in the hills, with a master plan designed by well-known landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted of New York City's Central Park fame.”

City Moves Forward with Beaucatcher Greenway
Citizen-Times (Asheville, North Carolina)
“Mary Weber, a landscape architect and chair of the Asheville Greenway Committee, pointed out that Beaucatcher Greenway runs through a highly populated area and will serve 5,000 people living within a quarter mile of the trail.”

G'town Prepares to Look Decade Down Road with Park Plan
Commercial Appeal (Memphis, Tennessee)
“‘If your plan is largely physical, you're looking for a planner or a landscape architect as your lead person,’ [Adrian Benepe] said. ‘If connectivity is the issue, you'll want a transportation engineer. Sometimes the plan you come up with requires additional capital. Will you need a park bond or tax increment financing or a park district? There are specialists available to talk about this kind of thing.’”

Flowers Transform Landscape into Abstract Aerial Art at China's Marco Polo Flower World
The Weather Channel
“The flower fields were designed by Dutch landscape architect Niek Roozen, who is well known for his work throughout China and beyond.”

Philly's Rail Park Gets the PHS Beer Garden Treatment
Philadelphia Eater
“Today, the area is a tangle of crumbling concrete, overgrown lots and decay, but with the help of PHS and noted landscape architect Walter Hood, the project aims to merge the post-industrial structure with urban green space.”

Students Giving Baseball Field a Big League Makeover
WHO-TV NBC 13 (Des Moines, Iowa)
“The semester-long project bands students together from all types of majors: architecture, interior design, landscape architecture and industrial design.”

Shade Plants Allow You to Garden in the Dark
Post-Bulletin (Rochester, Minnesota)
“‘It's such fun to see how they change as a season progresses — leaves and colors emerge, shade increases, and at the peak of summer, they become a cool, restful retreat,’ says Chicago landscape architect Robert Hursthouse.”

Statue Celebrates Designer Frederick Law Olmsted
Landscape architecture didn't exist in the U.S. before Olmsted began applying principles of horticulture, architecture, engineering, land management, forestry, fine arts and even psychology to create coherent, elegant designs for outdoor spaces.”

How Victorian Landscape Painters Used Mirrors to Frame Scenes
“Neon, a British design firm, recreated a series of Claude glasses at the centuries-old Wimpole Estate in Cambridgeshire, England, which features grounds designed by 18th-century landscape architect Capability Brown.”

Get the Most from Your Landscaping Efforts
KTAL NBC 6 (Shreveport, Louisiana)
“A licensed landscape architect has a degree in landscape architecture and can sell you an original design whether they do the installation or not.”

This Landscape Architect Is the Bra Burner of Lawn Design
“Edwina von Gal, a landscape architect, has a vision of a new lawn to match the changing times.”

The 10 City Parks that Changed America
“Here to discuss this West Coast park is urban landscape historian Thaisa Way. She's a professor in landscape architecture and director of urban@UW, at the University of Washington.”

Tuesday: Join Louisville Landscape Architects to Learn About the Significance of Parks
Broken Sidewalk
“Here in Louisville, the Kentucky chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects (KYASLA), Kentucky Educational Television (KET), and the Louisville Olmsted Parks Conservancy are hosting a free viewing party at the Iroquois Park Amphitheater.”

Immersing Schoolchildren in Nature at Anchorage Parklands
Alaska Dispatch News
“Jonny Hayes, a local landscape architect and member of the American Society of Landscape Architects, said the best part was working with kids from day one.”

The Notes: Focus on Construction, April 10-16
Vegas Inc.
“Chris Langham is a senior landscape architect at EPG.”

Parks That Changed America
SDPB Radio (South Dakota)
“Michael Stanley is a landscape architect in Rapid City.”

The Unbranded, Hybrid Approach of the Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape
“A lot of the landscape architects are really interested in how you work across scale, how you work with these different models and working with installations.”

Sarasota Landscape Architect Chosen as HGTV Winner
Herald-Tribune (Sarasota, Florida)
Landscape architect David Young of Sarasota was chosen by viewers of HGTV as the overall winner of its Ultimate Outdoor awards.”

New Wave of Landscape Interpretation
Irish Times
“From the Wild Atlantic Way to Dublin city centre, the importance of landscape architecture in establishing a better – and greener – quality of life is just beginning to be understood.”

World Landscape Architecture Month Launches
Horticulture Week
“Landscape Institute president Noel Farrer is urging all landscape professionals to get involved in World Landscape Architecture Month.”

Biz Bio: Elizabeth Blye Delaney, Landscape Architect
Rappahannock News
“This landscape architect wants to take your breath away.”

Herald-Tribune to Present a Market for Architects May 7
Herald-Tribune (Sarasota, Florida)
“Licensed architects, landscape architects, interior designers and others who shape the built environment will have tables surrounding the audience seating area on the covered plaza.”

Albuquerque Journal
“George Radnovich, principal and founding partner of Sites Southwest, has been elevated by the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) to its Council of Fellows.”

April Is World Landscape Architecture Month
Charlotte Home & Garden
“As the American Society of Landscape Architects’ website states, ‘Landscape architects analyze, plan, design, manage, and nurture the built and natural environments… They design parks, campuses, streetscapes, trails, plazas, and other projects that help define a community.’”

Renowned California Landscape Architect Offers Take on Grand Forks
Grand Forks Herald
“Hood, a professor of landscape architecture at the University of California at Berkeley, visited Grand Forks for a luncheon and a question-and-answer session with a handful of guests.”

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