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LATIS Paper on Suburban Street Stormwater Retrofitting Published

The Landscape Architecture Technical Information Series (LATIS) papers provide practicing landscape architects with technical information about new and evolving practices and products.

On August 20, ASLA published its latest, "Suburban Street Stormwater Retrofitting: An Introduction to Improving Residential Rights-of-Way.” This technical manual was written by Andrew Fox, ASLA, and Jim Cooper, ASLA.


In essence, street stormwater retrofits mimic the function of natural systems to mitigate the potentially harmful effects to water and air quality that streets can present. Depending upon their extent within the built environment, the authors explain how street-stormwater retrofits can perform these functions across a variety of scales and have the potential to greatly affect positive environmental change when implemented across large areas. In addition to promoting responsible and healthy stormwater management practices, this LATIS paper discusses how these green infrastructure amenities offer residential communities a wide array of benefits.

These peer-reviewed papers are a key vehicle for members to share their expertise. Each LATIS paper enables landscape architects to earn PDH needed to meet state licensure requirements by completing and passing a self-study exam.

ASLA members can view " Suburban Street Stormwater Retrofitting: An introduction to Improving Residential Rights-of-Way" for free and can purchase and pass a self-study exam to earn 1.5 PDH.

Visit the website for the full catalog of LATIS papers.

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