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Product News by Forms + Surfaces, DuMor, Victor Stanley, and LAND8


Landscape Architecture in the News

Kendall Square May Soon Get a 'Pop-up Park'
Boston Globe
“The property's owner, Glenn KnicKrehm, says that he's now working to landscape the site, remove the fence, and create a temporary park while he continues to develop and raise money for the Constellation Center project. Designed by landscape architect Tobias Wolf , the open space would include new pathways, native plantings, small hills, and benches made from reclaimed granite.”

Spring Lecture Series | Jeffrey Kerr
Cleveland Urban Design
“Jeffrey Kerr, ASLA, AICP, is [principal of Environmental Design Group],a planning, landscape architecture and engineering firm located in Akron and Cleveland where he manages the firm’s planning and design group. As a licensed landscape architect and certified planner, Jeff brings twenty-five years of experience in revitalizing urban communities, restoring ecological systems, and supporting sustainable regional land use.”

Line Up, Children, Single File
The New York Times
“As Bella DePaulo, a project scientist who studies singles at the University of California, Santa Barbara, said, ‘All sorts of fears in society get gathered together and dumped on single people.’ The Foley daughters are all successful. Heather Foley, the middle daughter, is a landscape architect in Charleston, S.C.”

Doug Moe: Getting to Know (at Last) Jens Jensen
Wisconsin State Journal
“Alas, not only did I not follow through on my resolution, I kept missing chances that would have made it easier. Walking in the park one day I met a man named Peter Nause, a Madison landscape architect and great advocate for the park, which has suffered from neglect over the years. We exchanged a few notes, but lost touch.”

As Trinity Parkway Team of Experts Doubles Its Ranks, Questions Remain
Dallas Morning News
This article includes a list of urban planning and transportation consultants who are providing advice for the Trinity River corridors project in Dallas. The list includes Ignacio Bunster-Ossa, landscape architect and urban designer, Wallace Roberts & Todd, Philadelphia.

New Brown v Board Site Superintendent Attracted by History
Miami Herald
“[Sherda] Williams was finishing a master's degree in landscape architecture, with a specialization in historic landscape preservation, at Ball State University at the time the NPS was becoming more interested in that field, The Topeka Capital-Journal reports.”

Plan to Save the Bosque Isn't About Serving Lattes
Albuquerque Journal
“That sentiment is shared by local landscape architect Baker Morrow, who recently wrote the Journal to say he reviewed the city’s draft environmental report for the bosque stretch from Central to Montaño and found that it ‘exhaustively covers the bosque and its ecology, and I liked its emphasis on creating a series of well-connected, developed pathways for modern visitors to use. Perhaps this will cut down on the messy ‘spaghetti’ trails that continue to establish themselves over time.’”

This Grand Seattle Estate Dresses Up with a New Garden
Seattle Times
“This grand Seattle estate dresses up with a new garden. The owner, 92, wanted the plantings, redone by landscape architect Alan Burke, to be big, ready now.”

Q&A: Plans for a Botanic Garden on Houston's Southeast Side
Houston Chronicle
“Q: So what comes next? A: We're raising money. Until we meet certain financial goals, golf will continue on the site. Next comes master planning. We're currently selecting a master-planning firm, a landscape architecture firm that does garden plans. We hope to announce that by the end of February. The master planner will help us answer the question: What'll it be? How will we do it?”

Dot Earth: PBS Series Explores 'A New Wild' Sustained, Instead of Wrecked, by People
The New York Times
“He said the series ends in New York Harbor with the story of Kate Orff, a landscape architect who’s been pursuing the restoration of the region’s oyster reefs as a buffer to storms, pollution filter and more.”

With the Freezeway, Commuters Could Skate to Work
Fast Company
“[Matt] Gibbs, a landscape architect, imagines the Freezeway as part commuter network, part tourist attraction. In the summer, it would be a conventional bike lane.”

What to Know About Landscape Design Service Agreements
“As a landscape architect, I am including this information based on my experience for informational purposes only. This article is not legal advice; landscape designers need to hire a lawyer to create and review contracts. A helpful starting point is the American Society of Landscape Architects’ standard form contracts. Sample contracts are available to ASLA members for a fee.”

Spokane Entrepreneurs Pave the Way to Collect Rain with Porous Bricks
“The $1.6 million stormwater system includes small segments of the colorful KloroStone pavers. The project was financed in part by a state ecology grant. Michael Terrell, who owns his own landscape architecture firm, helped plan the project for Kendall Yards developer Greenstone Corp. He said company officials were insistent on finding new environmental solutions to dispose of stormwater.”

Work Begins on Improving Memorial Park Trail
Houston Chronicle
“The overall plan is being developed by the international landscape architecture firm Nelson Byrd Woltz.”

Q&A: Chris Reed on How Landscape Architecture Shapes Urban Life
“Chris Reed, ASLA, is founding principal of Stoss, which won the National Design Award for landscape architecture in 2012.”

How You Can Contribute to Landscape Architecture in 2015
World Landscape Architecture
“Join and participate - Your regional or country landscape architecture professional organization (such as ASLA , AILA , CSLA , LI , HKILA , NZILA, SILA , ILAM , TALA etc) are always looking for new members.”

Revamped Minneapolis Sculpture Park Adds Some Informality
Star Tribune
“Among the recommended changes from landscape architecture consultant Oslund and Associates and Snow Kreilich Architects are new entrances into the garden.” 

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