Product News by Forms + Surfaces, Victor Stanley, ANOVA, and Green Roofs for Healthy Cities

Product News by Forms + Surfaces, Victor Stanley, ANOVA, and Green Roofs for Healthy Cities


Landscape Architecture in the News

Architecture Billings Index Reaches Highest Score in Seven Years
Architect Magazine

July 2014

"Business is also looking bright for landscape architecture firms, according to the American Society of Landscape Architects' second quarter 2014 Business Quarterly survey, which reported that 84.7 percent indicated stable to significantly higher inquiries for new work, an increase from last quarter's 80.2 percent."

A Community of Problem Solvers: This Week in Daily Giving
  Huffington Post

"Travis [Crabtree], a student in landscape architecture, is creating the Starkville Community Garden which will offer residents a green place to socialize and boast an orchard, vegetable gardens and even a small vineyard."

Frederick Olmsted Chronicled 'Toilworn' Settlers of Texas
Houston Chronicle

"The remarkable Frederick Olmsted is best known not as a writer, but as a master shaper of the American landscape, the founder of American landscape architecture."

A Modern Oasis
Houston Chronicle

"Reynolds Plantation amenities include not only one, but six beautiful swimming pools inside the gated community. The most impressive is The Infinity Pool at the Lake Club, which received the Merit Award from the Tri-State American Society of Landscape Architects."

Jan's Must Reads: Houston's Beer Can House and Why Folks Move to Texas
Austin Business Journal

"The second book titled, 'Toward Legacy' is real-estate heavy and provides an in-depth, visually inspired look at Design Workshop, the international landscape architecture and planning company with an office in Austin."

This New Satellite Will Make Google Maps Much Better
Fast Company

"As satellite imagery becomes more affordable and powerful--WorldView-3 is the sixth satellite DigitalGlobe has put in the sky--and geographic information systems become embedded in every industry from retail to landscape architecture, Google Maps and competitors like Bing Maps will become even more powerful."

Big Picture
Architectural Digest

"Although Atelier Vierkant launched in Europe, the company quickly developed an international following, with stars from the landscape and architecture worlds such as Andrea Cochran, Mia Lehrer, and Raymond Jungles including their vessels in their projects. 'We love the scale and the size,' says James Lord, principal and cofounder of Surfacedesign, a landscape architecture firm in San Francisco."

Mondrian Inspires a Modern Addition (13 photos)

"Have you ever wondered who landscape architect Peter Walker of PWP calls when he needs trees and shrubs for his firm's architectural models? Beach, who runs her studio for designing custom model trees on the addition's first floor, counts PWP, along with other renowned architecture firms, among her clients."

Lakewood Grant Program Awards Money to Neighborhood Improvement Plans
Denver Post

"'This is a neighborhood project that the city decided to undertake, and it got turned into something bigger than originally envisioned,' said John Paliga, landscape architect for the city."

In the Garden: Artists in the Foliage
New York Times

"The garden, which had been designed in 1912 by Jan David Zocher, a Dutch landscape architect, wasn't to his [Joop van Caldenborgh] liking."

In Upper West Side Playground Fight, It's Parents vs. Parents
New York Times

"The renovation plans have gone through at least five iterations so far. The parks department even enlisted the help of the original landscape architect, M. Paul Friedberg."

Landscape Architects Want to Rebuild New York's Oyster Reef
Metropolis Magazine

"Scape/Landscape Architecture's Living Breakwaters plan was the most interesting: the project called for the reestablishment of New York's erstwhile oyster reefs, which the architects said would improve local ecology."

Mia Lehrer on What Makes a Successful Park, and How L.A. Can Build Them
Los Angeles Times

"Landscape architect Mia Lehrer has designed some lavish private gardens in Los Angeles, but she has also made her mark with 'guerrilla planning,' creating and blue-skying plans for parks and public spaces, from the harbor to Silver Lake."

The Buffalo News, N.Y., Jerry Sullivan Column
Buffalo News

"[Thomas] Herrera-Mishler didn't come here for the golf courses, though he enjoys the game. A landscape architect and regional planner by trade, he came to Buffalo because of the Olmsted Parks, an elaborate network of parks and parkways designed by Frederick Law Olmsted in the 19th century."

Outdoor Living Alters Landscape
The Record (Hackensack, New J)

"The American Society of Landscape Architects 2014 trends survey found that 92 percent of those professionals surveyed indicated that outdoor kitchens and living areas were somewhat or very popular."

Van Ryzin: Landscape Architect Alisa West Weighs Sustainability, Use
Austin American Statesman

"Ironically, there are few trees on the property where landscape architect Alisa West has her office. Since hanging out her shingle as solo practitioner about a year ago, West has occupied the second floor of an older house-turned-office-cluster on South Lamar Boulevard."

Stepping Stones: A Step in the Right Direction
Miami Herald

"Paved paths hurry you along, but stepping stones have a pace all their own - they can be used to deliberately slow down the experience of a garden, says Joann Schwarberg, a landscape architect in the Kansas City area."

Our Fishy Future: Paul Greenberg on Local Seafood
Washington Post

"Steve Malinowski and his son Pete have encouraged wealthy New Yorkers as well as local schoolkids to repopulate the waters with oysters. And Kate Orff, a New York water landscape architect, has coined the word 'oyster-techture' in an effort to explain how more robust reefs could help protect New York City in a future when it will be subject to more intense and frequent storms."

A Look at Four Novel Pool Designs That Are Making Waves
Globe and Mail

"Incorporating a pool into a homier, more eclectic landscape is difficult, but not impossible. Take the small pool that landscape architect Joel Loblaw designed for a densely planted lot containing an old garage."

50 Companies Named Greater Washington's Healthiest Employers
The Washington Business Journal

The American Society of Landscape Architects is listed as a finalist in the category of firms with 2 to 99 employees.

For Camden Neighborhood, Park Project Promises to Open Up a Path to the River
Philadelphia Inquirer

"A six-foot-high berm is also planned to separate the park from the treatment plant. Lorna Davis, a 30-year resident of Waterfront South wondered if that would eliminate the smell from the plant which hung in the air Thursday. 'It'll be a visual screen but not a barrier from the odor,' said Jeremiah Bergstrom, a landscape architect with Rutgers Cooperative Extension, which designed the plans."

Is Google Exec Building on Miami Beach?
Miami Herald

"The project is being designed by New York-based architectural firm Leroy Street Studio and Miami landscape architect Raymond Jungles."



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