Product News by Forms + Surfaces, Victor Stanley, ANOVA, and Green Roofs for Healthy Cities

Product News by Forms + Surfaces, Victor Stanley, ANOVA, and Green Roofs for Healthy Cities


Opportunities: Call for Projects for an Upcoming Book

ASLA’s Opportunities and Events page provides users with the latest information on everything from conferences and meetings to calls for papers, requests for qualifications, consulting opportunities, and competitions. Below, a chance to have a project featured in an upcoming book.


For a forthcoming book for Bloomsbury titled Landscape Architecture and Environmental Sustainability: Creating Positive Change Through Design, a call for projects to feature and/or detail as case studies has been issued by the author.

Projects need to incorporate significant environmental features. Projects will be categorized under one of the following nine chapter areas / sub-themes:

Biodiversity, Ecology & Ecosystem Services
Key Themes − Preservation and Conservation, Ecology and Biodiversity, Restoration, Ecosystem Services, Land Management

Landscape as Cleanser
Key Themes Remediation, WSUD/SuDS, Post-industrial Landscape Architecture, Waste)

Infrastructure, Green Infrastructure
Key Themes (Networks, Resilience & Decentralisation, Transport, Energy, Retrofitting)

Food & Agriculture
Key Themes − Food Systems, Agrobiodiversity, Food Security and Food Sovereignty, Food Planning and Policy, Community, Education, Allotment and Kitchen Gardens

Landscape Environmental Art, Landscape as Provocateur
Key Themes − Expression, Provocation

Systems and Social Environmental Design, Influence Beyond Site
Key Themes − Education, Interpretation, Ethics, Design as Activism, Healthy Landscapes, Economics, Governance/Politics, Landscape as Economic Generator, Community Maintenance

Less Is More: A Light Touch Approach

Key Themes − Sensitivity/Disturbance, Restraint, Communication / Relationships, Environmental Management and Maintenance

Project and Material Ratings

Key Themes − Ecological Footprint, Performance/ Rating, Quantitative / Qualitative, Materials / Embodied Energy / Life Cycles / Cradle to Cradle, Post-Occupancy Review.

Projects should ideally be constructed, although outstanding unbuilt / competition / masterplan etc. work may be used. Projects can be located anywhere globally. Previously unpublished projects are of particular interest.

Please note that the publisher requires permission for use of images.

Joshua Zeunert

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