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2014 Diversity Summit Convenes in D.C.

Eighteen African American and Latino landscape design professionals met over the weekend of June 27-29 at ASLA headquarters to review steps taken since last year’s initial meeting and set direction for the next 12 months. The 18 included the original 12 from 2013, plus six new voices. The original 12 will continue to be involved as advisors; the new six will be joined by six additional people in 2015, setting the model for each new summit and helping to build a network of mutual support and provide consensus on the future direction of ASLA’s diversity efforts.

Once again, Juanita Shearer-Swink, FASLA, moderated the discussion. In 2013, participants identified three primary areas of focus: raising public awareness in minority communities, providing early exposure to the profession for students, teachers, and parents; and mentoring. PR and Communications Director Terry Poltrack provided an update of some of the activities that resulted from last year’s summit. Then attendees reviews 2013 strategies to increase early awareness and built on them. They also designed the ideal mentoring track from grade school to seasoned professional. More details will be provided shortly as we compile the notes into a report.

The original 12 members are:
C.L. Bohannon, ASLA
Wesley Brown, ASLA
Anita Bueno, ASLA
Jessica Centeno, Assoc. ASLA
Domini Cunningham, Assoc. ASLA
Ricardo A. Garcia, ASLA
Luis Gonzalez, ASLA
Mike A. Hill, ASLA
Janelle Johnson, ASLA
Tammy Martin, Assoc. ASLA
Margarita Padilla-Posey, ASLA
José M. Rodriguez, ASLA

The 2014 additions are:
José Alvarez, Assoc. ASLA
Carolina Carvajal, ASLA
Diana Fernandez, Assoc. ASLA
Courtney R. Hinson, ASLA
Christopher L. Sanders, Assoc. ASLA
Lindsey D. Smith, ASLA

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