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Product News by Forms + Surfaces, Victor Stanley, ANOVA, and Green Roofs for Healthy Cities


Presidents' Panel Question Two: The Economic Recovery. Chad D. Danos, FASLA


Chad D. Danos, FASLA
LAND: As the economy slowly turns a corner and improves, how can landscape architects best position themselves to take advantage of the recovery?

Having gone through a few recessions myself, I can tell you that there is no better time than now to prepare yourself for the growth that is soon to come. Just like a surfer wades out and prepares to ride the next wave, we need to position ourselves and our firms in the best way possible to achieve success as the economy recovers. To do that, we need to continue to learn and be engaged within our community.

Learn. A personal goal of mine has always been to “learn something new every day.” The ability to learn and grow from new experiences is invigorating and a fuel to success. The best way to position yourself within your firm (or your firm within the marketplace) is to learn a set of skills that is unique and valuable. By investing your spare time honing these unique skills now, you (or your firm) will be best positioned to ride the wave of economic recovery.
With an abundance of information available to us, ASLA provides several tools that can support one’s search for knowledge. There are several resources on to help you get started. The “Learn” pull-down provides access to Online Learning using webinars, recorded presentations, and LATIS papers, while the “Practice” pull-down offers access to sustainable design guides and professional practice networks (PPNs) that provide a forum of like-minded colleagues with interest centered around particular areas.
Engage. Being an active participant within a community is a terrific approach to network with others that will eventually be consumers of landscape architecture services once the economy recovers. Although I did not begin my own firm during a recession, I did get involved with my community’s tree-planting organization. I offered community services for their school planting program and quickly elevated my reputation within my community as a landscape architect. By serving this community organization with skill sets I possessed, I was able to develop meaningful relationships that led me to project referrals.
I believe that a strategy of continued learning and engagement will further our professional development while placing us both individually and as a Society in a greater position of strength.

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