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ASLA Launches New Educational Resources for K–12 Teachers and Students

The American Society of Landscape Architects has launched two new educational resources that will help young people and teachers explore the landscape architecture profession—a newly redesigned Career Discovery website and the new Tools for Teachers. The launch is part of ASLA’s outreach for National Landscape Architecture Month in April.

The Career Discovery website, aimed at students in middle school and high school, explains what a landscape architect does and how to become one. With a background that features the evolution of Columbus Circle in New York City from sketch to reality, the website shows how landscape architects creatively solve complex urban and environmental issues through design. Columbus Circle was redesigned by OLIN, a landscape architecture firm, and received a 2006 ASLA Honor Award in the General Design category.

The website also includes two videos—Personal Paths and Why Become a Landscape Architect?—featuring landscape architects and designers on why landscape architecture is the perfect career for art- and science-oriented students.

Tools for Teachers is a new education hub for K–12 teachers. It is loaded with fun, free classroom activities that will inspire lesson plans and start classroom dialogues about landscape architecture. It includes links to all of ASLA’s educational resources, including:
• Hands-on classroom activities aligned to national teaching standards
The Roof Is Growing! green roof education program
Designing Our Future: Sustainable Landscapes pages offering educational animations, case studies, and K–12 classroom activities
• A link to a reservation form to visit the green roof on ASLA’s Washington, D.C., headquarters.

“Students need to know at an earlier age why landscape architecture is a fun, rewarding, and important career that helps communities become great places to live,” says Mark A. Focht, FASLA, president of ASLA and first deputy commissioner of Philadelphia Parks and Recreation. “Our educational and career discovery resources will help them and their teachers get excited about what we do and why it matters.”

“We invite students and their teachers and families to check out our resources and learn more about the landscape architecture profession,” says Nancy Somerville, Hon. ASLA, the executive vice president and CEO of ASLA. “Landscape architects draw upon their knowledge of the environment, science, and art to design outdoor environments and related green infrastructure, such as plazas, campuses, parks, playgrounds, streetscapes, and residential properties. Their work is everywhere.”

These resources are an opportunity for students to explore landscape architecture, a career they may not have heard much about, and learn the pathways of becoming a landscape architect.

Note: All are welcome to download the Personal Pathsand Why Become a Landscape Architect? videos from Vimeo as long as they are not edited and ASLA is given credit. For more information, please contact Karen Grajales, ASLA’s manager of public relations, 202-216-2371.

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