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Design with a Capital D

From: Christine Ten Eyck, FASLA
To: All nonregistered contacts
Subject: ASLA Annual Meeting & EXPO: Design with a Capital D

As a member of the ASLA Annual Meeting Education Advisory Committee, I’m very proud of the program we’ve put together for the 2013 Annual Meeting and EXPO, November 15–18 in Boston, and I want to encourage you to plan now to attend the meeting. Many of our nearly 300 speakers are leading the most challenging design commissions in the world today. Here are just a few of the design programs and speakers I’m excited about:

• We’ll go Inside the L.A. Studio with Mikyoung Kim, Peter Walker, Claude Cormier, and Patrick Blanc.

• Bring your sketchpad because we’re getting back to the basics of hand drawing with Laurie Olin, Michael Vergason, and Warren Byrd (Sun-A06). Jim Richards, Richard Alomar, Chip Sullivan, and Robert Chipman will lead formal sessions (FS017, Sat-B04) and the Sketch Boston program.

• Explore planting design with W. Gary Smith, Sandy Clinton, Patrick Cullina, Ed Hollander, Bruce John Riddell, and Michael Van Valkenburgh (Sat-B02, Sun-A04, and Mon-A01).

• Peter Schaudt, Richard Shaw, and Eric Kramer will present Adapting and Interpreting Modernist Era Landscapes (Fri-A01).

• Mia Lehrer and Ignacio Bunster-Ossa will talk about a landscape approach to green infrastructure (Sun-B09).

• Discuss urban parks with Tom Balsley and Matthew Urbanski (Fri-D09 and Sat-B08).

• Eric Groft and British landscape designer Tom Hoblyn will talk about designing native landscapes (Sat-A07), and Tom will present a Learning Lab about winning the Chelsea Garden Show (EXPO, Sun., 11:00 a.m.–12:00 noon).

• We’ll hear about the GSA’s Design Excellence program (Fri-B07) and L.A.’s cool new Grand Park (Fri-D07) from Mark Rios.

• Shavaun Towers, Warren Byrd, and I will discuss transformative campus design (Sat-A09).

• We’ll learn about urban agriculture in the public realm from David Rubin (Sat-A02).

• Mikyoung, Thomas Woltz, Sarah Goldhagen, and I will explore beauty—now there’s an underused word—and performance (Sat-B09).

• Hallie Boyce, Faye Harwell, and Alain deVergie will take us on a tour of the State Department’s EPIC Design Excellence program (Mon-D03).

And there are more than 100 more programs that are just as amazing. Register by October 18 to save.

Please join us in Boston to celebrate Design with a Capital D!


Christine Ten Eyck, FASLA
Ten Eyck Landscape Architects

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