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Product News by Forms + Surfaces, DuMor, Victor Stanley, and LAND8


Product Profile: Xeripave

Xeripave is a manufacturer of pervious pavers aiding in the solution to stormwater runoff issues.

The Challenge
Rain storms and flooding events cause damage by eroding land and inundating property, creating hazardous conditions. The stormwater generated also collects in low-lying areas leading to additional flooding that can damage property. Stormwater issues present one of the greatest threats to water quality in much of the industrialized world.

The Solution
The Xeripave Pervious Paver provides optimum infiltration, for both water and air flow. Independently tested at an infiltration rate of 1 gal (gallon) per second per sq foot – 10x greater than concrete or asphalt and 100x than permeable concrete pavers. Unlike permeable pavers that allow water runoff into surrounding gaps filled with crushed aggregate, Xeripave® SP Pavers capture gross pollutants, sediment and urban clutter on the surface while water passes freely through.

Xeripave is ideal for stormwater management, rainwater harvesting, and low speed vehicular applications including parking lots, patios, walkways, driveways, and entryways. Xeripave can be installed in any area in place of, or conjunction with, traditional paving materials such as concrete or bricks. Standard application requires only 12-18 percent Xeripave coverage of the total project area. The remaining area can be permeable or impervious, saving on initial cost and maintenance. 

Xeripave Pervious Pavers are designed to allow stormwater to flow directly through the surface to underlying soils where water is naturally filtered thus reducing erosion and water accumulation. The pavers offer versatility and are available in a wide range of natural stone colors. Xeripave is easy to install and easy to maintain. To learn more about Xeripave, visit or see the product at 2013 ASLA Annual Meeting & EXPO (booth #409). 

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