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Members of the Professional Practice Networks (PPNs) were recently surveyed about their favorite spaces. Responses were varied and had many insightful comments and suggestions, which will be shared and discussed with everyone here over the next few months.

This week we will focus on the best small, but mighty spaces.

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We received a lot of unique ideas and suggestions. The following were mentioned more than once:

• Albert Einstein Memorial, Washington, D.C.
• Bryant Park, New York City
• Millennium Park, Chicago
• Paley Park, New York City
• Soldiers & Sailors Monument/Monument Circle, Indianapolis
• Vietnam Memorial, Washington, D.C.

In addition to the numerous other places that were mentioned, a few interesting suggestions were made:

“A well placed park bench.”
“Entrance to the Los Angeles Library.”
“There was a little cave at Point Lobos CA that we called ‘the navel of the universe’--it was a niche in one of those long underground channels.”
“Top of the Washington Monument.”
“The town square of America that seems to be disappearing.”

Also, it seems “gardens” were a common suggestion:

Evening Island at the Chicago Botanic Gardens, Illinois
Desert Botanical Garden, Phoenix
Durfee Conservatory, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Japanese garden at The Bloedel Reserve, Seattle
Bamboo Garden, Parc de la Villette, Paris
Self-Realization Fellowship Garden, Encinitas, California
The Founders Garden, University of Georgia, Athens
Philadelphia's Magic Gardens, Philadelphia
The Roof Garden at the Kaiser Center, Oakland, California
Mrs. Whaley's garden, Charleston, South Carolina
Healing garden at St. Joseph’s Regional Health Center, Bryan, Texas
The Waterfall Garden Park, Pioneer Square, Seattle
WPA Rock Garden, William Land Park, Sacramento, California

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