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Call for Potential National Officer Candidates

The ASLA Nominating Committee will convene during the upcoming annual meeting in Boston to prepare the 2014 national officer slate. The committee requests your help now in identifying potential candidates for the following offices: 

  • 2015 President-Elect
  • 2015-16 Vice President, Finance
  • 2015-16 Vice President, Membership
  • 2015-16 Vice President, Professional Practice.

Your participation in the process is extremely important and very much appreciated because it is the only way to bring forward those individuals who might otherwise not be recognized as potential national leaders. Please review the information below on eligibility and officer roles/responsibilities and forward your suggestions to Corporate Secretary Curt Millay by Friday, August 30, 2013. Putting your own hat in the ring is perfectly fine as well, and those whose names are put forward by others will be contacted to determine their willingness to run.

For additional information, see the following areas of the Leadership Handbook: ASLA Bylaws, Article 8; Councils, Committees, and Affiliations; Annual Operating Plan; and Policies.

Candidates for president-elect must be Full Members of the Society and must have completed at least one full term as a chapter trustee or national vice president prior to installation as president-elect. Candidates for vice president must be Full Members.

Officer Roles and Responsibilities
The Executive Committee (ExCom):

  • serves as the administrative committee of the Board of Trustees (BOT), implements policy, and acts for the BOT between meetings of the board
  • serves as the strategic planning committee of the Board of Trustees
  • reviews and recommends annual operating plans and budgets to the Board of Trustees
  • selects the executive vice president/CEO and annually reviews the incumbent’s performance
  • approves an annual slate of national officer candidates
  • sets the time and place of annual meetings of the Society.

The Executive Committee meets quarterly, twice in conjunction with meetings of the Board of Trustees (at midyear and just prior to the annual meeting) and twice on its own (mid-winter and mid-summer), and holds monthly conference calls.

The president:

  • represents the Society and serves as its chief spokesperson, consistent with BOT-established policies
  • presides at annual meetings of the Society
  • sets the time and place, sets agendas, and presides at meetings of the ExCom and BOT
  • monitors implementation and helps coordinate updating of the Society’s strategic objectives
  • appoints committee chairs/members and ASLA delegates/representatives in consultation with the ExCom and staff.
  • works closely with the EVP/CEO to monitor and oversee the management and administration of the Society as directed by the Board of Trustees.

The president also serves as chair of the Annual Meeting Education Advisory Committee; a member of the Council of Fellows Executive Committee; ExCom liaison to the Constitution and Bylaws Committee, IFLA (International Federation of Landscape Architects) delegate, and Tellers Committee; and as an ASLA representative to the Presidents Council, which includes ASLA, CSLA (Canadian Society of Landscape Architects), CELA (Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture), CLARB (Council of Landscape Architectural Registration Boards), LAAB (Landscape Architectural Accreditation Board), and LAF (Landscape Architecture Foundation).

The president-elect serves as chair of the Nominating Committee and as an ASLA representative to the Presidents Council.
The immediate past president serves as chair of the ASLA Fund, a member of the Nominating Committee, a member of the LAF Executive Committee and Board of Directors, and as ExCom liaison to the Honors and Awards Advisory Committee.

The vice presidents participate in the meetings and deliberations of the BOT and ExCom and assist the president within defined program areas by:

  • representing and acting as spokespersons for the Society as needed and consistent with BOT-established policies
  • monitoring implementation and periodic updating of the Society’s strategic objectives
  • monitoring the management and administration of the Society as directed by the BOT
  • facilitating BOT discussion groups as needed.

The vice president for finance serves as ExCom liaison to the Audit Committee and the Finance and Investments Committee.

The vice president for membership serves as ExCom liaison to the Chapter Presidents Council, Emerging Professionals Committee, Leadership Development Committee, and Member Services Committee.

The vice president for professional practice serves as ExCom liaison to the Archives and Collections Committee, CTLA (Council on Trees and Landscape Appraisal) representative, Professional Practice Committee, Council of Professional Practice Networks (PPNs), Public Practice Advisory Committee, and US/ICOMOS (United States/International Council on Monuments and Sites) representative.

Three other vice presidents also serve on the ExCom and were recently elected to serve the 2014 through 2015 terms.

The vice president for communications serves as ExCom liaison to the Landscape Architecture Magazine Editorial Advisory Committee and the Public Relations and Communications Advisory Committee. Incoming vice president is Pamela J. Linn, ASLA.

The vice president for education serves as a member of the Committee on Education and as ExCom liaison to the LAAB representative, LA CES (Landscape Architecture Continuing Education System) representatives, and NAED (National Academy of Environmental Design) representative. Incoming vice president is Sara Katherine Williams, FASLA.

The vice president for government affairs serves as ExCom liaison to the Government Affairs Advisory Committee, Licensure Committee, Licensure LARE Prep Subcommittee, and Policy Committee. Incoming vice president is Thomas R. Doolittle, ASLA.

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