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Product News by Forms + Surfaces, Victor Stanley, ANOVA, and Green Roofs for Healthy Cities


National Wildlife Federation Seeks Better Understanding of the Profession

The National Wildlife Federation for more than 40 years has been working to engage individuals, schools, businesses, cities, places of worship, and others to make a difference for wildlife by modifying their landscape techniques to be more wildlife-friendly (known as Certified Wildlife Habitat or Backyard Habitat). We have more than 160,000 properties that have participated, but we would like to take this to the next level since wildlife really is in need of help to thrive and survive in a changing environment.

As part of our relooking at this set of programs, we realized that you, landscape architects, are missing from the equation. The National Wildlife Federation has regularly analyzed and surveyed our constituents and target audiences to understand what are the barriers to engagement.

The two top needs: 1) Is there someone that can help me figure out what to do, and 2) Where do I get started? There are passionate individuals who need both guidance and support. We appreciate and support the work of landscape architects and feel you are a critical piece of the growth equation. For nonprofits and business owners alike, we do recognize that any engagement with your profession needs to be of mutual benefit.

Two years ago we did a very limited-scale project on working with landscape professionals, but our focus was not the right objective, as we did not understand your profession directly. The National Wildlife Federation is now reexamining our programs (Certified Wildlife Habitat, Schoolyard Habitat, and Community Wildlife Habitat) and are re-exploring the concept to certify or accredit landscape professionals such as yourself to serve as partners in your service areas. As part of this exploration for program development, we are asking professionals to take 10 minutes to complete a survey that will help us gain insight on what areas are most important to you as a business professional, as well as to measure your interest in participating in such a program.

Take the survey.

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