Product News by Forms + Surfaces, DuMor, Victor Stanley, and LAND8

Product News by Forms + Surfaces, DuMor, Victor Stanley, and LAND8


Landscape Architecture in the News

The Green Team Part 11: What Lies Beneath
“The next time you walk down a city street, take a moment to look down for manholes, valve boxes, and subway grates—ready clues to subsurface conditions beneath the urban hum. Then think about the “web of spaghetti” beneath your feet and the challenges that the landscape architect has to consider when imagining the open space above it.”  

Building Resilience
“Enter the urban designer and landscape architect. How social infrastructures are enhanced by landscape infrastructure and open space is the focus of studies by the Landscape and Human Health Laboratory at the University of Illinois, and the subject of an earlier social impact design blog post.”

The Great Outdoors
Interiors & Sources
“According to a recent survey by the American Society of Landscape Architects, outdoor living spaces—defined as kitchens and entertainment spaces—were ranked at the top of the list of growing trends among American homeowners.”

Architecture Review: Perot Museum Belongs to a Preening Old Breed
Los Angeles Times
“Once visitors cross a kind of frontage road parallel to the highway, they step onto a path, lined on one side by a stand of bamboo, that begins a rather drawn-out entry sequence. (The landscape architect on the project was Talley Associates.)”

IN PROFILE: TCL's Kate Cullity, Landscape Architecture and Environmental Art
Architecture & Design
“Kate Cullity, director at landscape and urban design firm Taylor Cullity Lethlean, is a noted landscape architect and environmental artist with particular skills in the integration of public art with landscape and urban design.”

Detroit Deconstruction Plan Has Its Share of Obstacles
Detroit Free Press
“Erin Kelly, a landscape architect with the nonprofit agency Next Energy in Detroit, said a thriving deconstruction industry could keep that potential profit inside Detroit.”

The Ideals Behind UMass Amherst’s Stained Concrete
The Boston Globe
“The school was born of the Morrill Act of 1862 as the Massachusetts Agricultural College, and in 1865 the trustees of the new school asked famed landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted to look over the initial campus plans.”

Michael Hough Brought Ecology to the Cityscape
The Globe & Mail

“The people of Cornish Road weren’t impressed by the apple tree. It was the 1980s in Toronto’s leafy Moore Park neighborhood, and the Houghs – the landscape architect Michael Hough and his wife, Bridget – had planted one in their front yard.”

Build LLC Designs Bellevue Contemporary that Stands Alone
The Seattle Times
Landscape architect Darwin Webb designed a surprise of a back patio with a rusted box gas firepit and gabion wall, lower right, to define the space.”

Art and History Among the Dead 
The New York Times
“Many of those people hired as designers of their places of interment the same architects, landscape architects and sculptors who designed their homes.”

Reduce the Size of Your Lawn—and Your Yard Work
Consumer Reports
“‘Nurseries are getting on board with this trend by making native species more readily available,’ says Lorayne Black, a landscape architect in Groton, Mass.”

Flummoxed by Phlox? A Garden Coach can Help
Consumer Reports
“‘Besides identifying plants and suggesting new ones, I'll also give clients permission to remove plants that aren't working,’ says Jennifer Horn, a landscape architect and owner of Garden Gurus in Washington, D.C.”

Watch Consumers Dig into Bigger Outdoor Projects
Marketing Daily

“Outdoor living spaces will be on the top of many lists, according to a trend forecast from the American Society of Landscape Architects, as will designs focused on sustainability and low-maintenance.”

Longtime Urban-Affairs Specialist Grady Clay, 96, Dies
“Grady Clay, a journalist and a leading national authority on urban design who wrote for The Courier-Journal and edited Landscape Architecture Quarterly, died Sunday after developing a blood clot.”

Full Enclosure
The Wall Street Journal
“Similarly, LED lighting has allowed architects to transform the courtyard into a functional room at night so it doesn't just sit there like, ‘dead space,’ says Baywood Park, Calif., landscape architect Jeffrey Gordon Smith.”

Magnolia Home Is Urban Contemporary and Getaway Cozy
The Seattle Times
“Contractor Sean Meek and landscape architect Clare Ryan worked with the couple to bring out the best in this home originally designed by George Suyama.”

Château Vaux-le-Vicomte's Magisterial Gardens
Architectural Digest
“The king was mightily impressed, especially with the estate, which was the creation of three young talents: architect Louis Le Vau, painter and decorator Charles Le Brun, and landscape architect André Le Nôtre.”

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