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Product News by Forms + Surfaces, DuMor, Victor Stanley, and LAND8


Landscape Architecture in the News

Grassland Bike Trail Raises Some Concerns Among Preservationists
Chicago Tribune
“Dave Kircher, chief landscape architect with the forest preserve district, said by running the path along La Grange Road, they'll be able to connect to other municipal bike trails at 179th and 171st Streets, and possibly 167th Street.”  

What the Urban Coyote Can Teach Us About Nature in Cities
The Atlantic Cities
“A landscape architect friend explained this integration as a merger of surrounding nature with urban culture and physical form, two things that need not be as distinct as we might expect.”

Dan Kiley: A Great Yet Little Known Modernist
The Huffington Post
“Kiley was also among the most important, influential, and personally idiosyncratic landscape architects of the 20th century and designer of more than 1,100 projects—yet today he is not well known.”

NEOSCC "Scenario Plans" from Sasaki & Associates Could Help Northeast Ohio Tame Sprawl
Cleveland Plain Dealer
“The team is led by Sasaki Associates Inc. of Watertown, Mass., the landscape architecture and planning firm that led the urban design of the highly acclaimed, $200 million Euclid Avenue bus rapid transit HealthLine completed in Cleveland in 2008.”

Fire Pits, Other Flaming Features Catch On
The Sacramento Bee
“That demand is reflected in a recent survey by the American Society of Landscape Architects.”

The Green Team Part 9: Going Vertical
“Terrie Brightman, ASLA, is a practicing landscape architect at Mathews Nielsen Landscape Architects in New York City with over eight years of professional experience.”

Court Decision Undermines Runoff Pollution Controls, but Numerous Important Protections Remain
NRDC Switchboard
“The American Society of Landscape Architects released a survey in October 2011 that found green infrastructure reduced or did not influence costs 75 percent of the time.”

Repaired Mount Airy Gateway to Make Reappearance This Spring
Philadelphia Inquirer
“Doris Kessler, a landscape architect and member of West Mount Airy Neighbors, the source of many gateway volunteers, is also emphasizing the regional in her contribution—a design for a "woodland edge"-style garden.”

Fire Features Warm Hearts
“Susan Hall of Susan Hall Landscape Architecture Inc. recently transformed one South Merritt Island backyard into a Mediterranean-style retreat with the addition of a fireplace, pillars, and checkerboard-patterned terrace all crafted from Mexican shell stone.”

James Fondren, a Landscape Architect Who Designed Projects Big and Small, Dies at 79
The Times-Picayune
“James Fondren, a landscape architect whose projects ranged from schoolyard plantings to such vast undertakings as Lafreniere Park in Metairie and Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve in six sites around southeast Louisiana, died Feb. 3 of complications from kidney failure and cancer at River Region Hospice in River Ridge. He was 79.”

Summoning Nature for Healing
The New York Times
“Ms. [Mikyoung] Kim, a 44-year-old landscape architect, is regarded as an artful weaver of nature and sculpture.”

Ross Altheimer Decodes the City of Rome
American Academy in Rome
“Ross Altheimer is the winner of the Prince Charitable Trusts Rome Prize in Landscape Architecture and a landscape architecture studio leader at Hammel Green and Abrahamson in Minneapolis, Minnesota.”

Laurie Olin Remembers Ada Louise Huxtable, Champion of Urban Design
“What were we doing about our students’ understanding and concern for communities, and the lives of those who would use the places that these future landscape architects would craft?”

Landscape of Professionalism
Winnipeg Free Press
“With this pressure, the voice of the landscape architect has become recognized as a key contributor in the design of healthy cities.”

Add Style with Retaining Walls
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
“Overall, landscapes can add as much as 15 percent of the value of your home compared to other houses on your street, according to the American Society of Landscape Architects.”

Your City Garden Can Go Completely Wild
The Seattle Times
Landscape architect and avid birder Keith Geller's garden in the Madison Valley is designed for both people and birds.”

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