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Invest in the Future: Support the Landscape Architecture Foundation

The nonprofit Landscape Architecture Foundation cultivates the next generation of landscape architects with scholarships, fellowships, and awards totaling more than $100,000 annually. The foundation’s research programs, the Landscape Performance Series and Case Study Investigation (CSI), increase awareness and generate demand for the profession as well as provide leadership not only in demonstrating the best practices, but also identifying the next practices for the profession.

“The CSI program gave us a unique, inspiring, and interesting experience. We will never approach design the same way again.” —2012 CSI Participants

“I am so grateful for this honor and very excited about the work, exploration, and dialogue that will emerge out of this wonderful opportunity.” —Jack Ohly, 2012 National Olmsted Scholar

Financial support is critical to the success and health of the foundation. Financial support to the foundation by year-end will build on recent successes and help achieve the following priorities for 2013:

  • Award much-needed financial assistance and research opportunities for students
  • Support additional faculty, student, and practitioner collaborative teams for the Case Study Investigation program to develop case studies for the Landscape Performance Series
  • Offer a new $15,000 award to recognize undergraduate students in addition to the $25,000 national award for the Olmsted Scholars Program
  • Continue to provide intergenerational mentoring opportunities
  • Provide research grants to analyze the content of the Landscape Performance Series
  • Provide grants to accredited university programs to integrate landscape performance into design education
  • Build global content and dialogue related to landscape performance.

Consider investing in the Landscape Architecture Foundation in your year-end giving so the foundation may increase its impact at this critical time, when the many services and talents of landscape architects are so vitally needed. The foundation would be honored to recognize you in its annual report and grateful for your commitment to give back to the profession and make a difference.

If you appreciate the impact of the foundation’s programs and investment in the future leaders of the profession, please show your support by making a tax-deductible contribution online or learn about the many ways to support the foundation.

The Landscape Architecture Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization with the mission to preserve, improve, and enhance the environment by increasing our collective capacity to achieve sustainability.

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