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LAM Annual Advertising Awards Presented

In 2008, Landscape Architecture Magazine (LAM) established an advertising awards program to recognize the best in LAM advertising and to provide specific feedback for advertisers about marketing to landscape architects. A jury of seven LAM readers was recruited, representing various regions of the country, types of design services offered, and firm sizes, to review the more than 300 full-page and larger advertisements that have appeared in the magazine since October 2011. The jury comprised: 

  • Lewis E. Aqui, ASLA, of Bell + Aqui Landscape Architecture in Miami
  • John S. Loomis, ASLA, of SWA Group in Sausalito, California
  • Jennifer Brooks, ASLA, of Nelson Byrd Woltz Landscape Architects in New York City
  • Keith P. LeBlanc, FASLA, of Keith LeBlanc Landscape Architecture in Boston
  • Emmeline E. Morris, ASLA, of the Jaeger Company in Athens, Georgia
  • Mario Nievera, ASLA, of Nievera Williams Design, Inc., in Palm Beach, Florida.

Lammy - Brad with Jury

Winners were selected in three categories, and the advertisement that performed the best in all three was named to the top prize, Advertisement of the Year. This year, an Advertising Hall of Fame was created to recognize advertisers whose ads have won awards consistently. View the winning ads online.

Lammy - Winners

LAM Advertising Hall of Fame
Forms + Surfaces

Best Graphic Quality
Landscape Forms

Best Message
Diamond Spas

Most Persuasive
Spohn Ranch
Situ Urban Elements
Zinco USA

Advertisement of the Year
Maglin Site Furniture

LAM Editor in Chief Bradford McKee presented the awards during the ASLA Annual Meeting and EXPO and thanked the advertisers for their support. Each recipient received a certificate and an engraved Tiffany frame displaying the winning ad. Following the presentation of the awards, McKee moderated the jury in a lively discussion about each winning advertisement and why it was selected. Several themes emerged:

  • Great graphics matter. Landscape architects are drawn to ads with strong photography or graphics that tell a story.
  • Show the product in use. Give the reader a perspective on how it will actually look in a project.
  • Keep text to a minimum. Focus on the visual appeal of the ad and provide a website URL for detailed specification information.

Comments from McKee and the jury underscored the fact that LAM readers use ads to find new products to specify in projects and that LAM’s ads play an important role in raising the visual quality of the magazine.

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