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Member Profiles 2012: Campus Planning and Design

This article is the third in a series profiling members of ASLA’s Professional Practice Networks (PPNs), based on responses to the 2012 Annual PPN Survey. The members of this PPN work in private practice on a variety of school projects or as university landscape architects. Here are some highlights of their work. 

Susan Hatchell, FASLA, is president of Susan Hatchell Landscape Architecture, PLLC in Raleigh, North Carolina, as well as 2012 president of ASLA. Her firm recently bought an office building, and she is looking forward to doing the landscape design that will include green walls. She is also pleased about her firm’s participation on the design team for North Carolina State University’s Hunt Library in Raleigh. Work is just beginning on the installation of pavers, plazas, and plantings. The firm is also on the design team for Building E on Wake Technical Community College’s campus. Both projects are LEED facilities that include green roofs. Finally, Hatchell adds that she is “having a blast” being president of ASLA!

Terry W. Ryan, FASLA, is a partner at Jacobs/Ryan Associates in Chicago. Her most innovative campus design projects are usually for elementary and high schools that want to highlight sustainability and environmental education, including green roofs, bioswales, native prairie plantings, social learning space, and community gardens. Ryan notes that sustainability continues to be a trend on higher education campuses, especially with a focus on LEED certification, use of native plants, and integration of streetscape design. She says she recently enjoyed reading books by Dr. Richard Jackson and Richard Louv.

Mark J. Zarrillo, FASLA, is a partner at Symmes Maini & McKee Associates, Inc. in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He is managing principal of the Rhode Island office and director of planning for the firm. Zarrillo is an award-winning planner certified by the American Planning Association and an expert in campus master planning with 40 years of planning experience for institutions worldwide. He has been involved in planning projects in urban design, landscape architecture, campus planning, environmental planning and design, and comprehensive planning. Zarrillo has completed campus master plans for Southern, Western, and Eastern State Universities and most recently for the University of Connecticut at the Depot Campus. He is presently working on the last of four master plans for the Connecticut State University System at Central Connecticut State University.

Jeffrey Dyer, ASLA, is a partner in McFarland-Dyer & Associates, Inc. in Suwanee, Georgia. The firm is in the midst of designing a campuswide wayfinding system for Georgia Gwinnett College (GGC) in Lawrenceville, Georgia. Because the project is campuswide, the team includes a prime graphic design firm, a consultant architect for interior signage, and Dyer’s firm. The team has enjoyed the collaboration among these various disciplines during the design process and its work with a busy GGC staff that is trying hard to keep up with explosive student growth.

Carol Yetken, ASLA, is a president and landscape architect at CYLA Design Associates, Inc. in Oak Park, Illinois. While she sees universities focusing more on sustainable design, she finds that project and facilities administrators are having trouble integrating the concepts into smaller projects and maintenance practices. That said, facilities and capital projects administrators are beginning to appreciate that the landscape is an expression of the educational environment. Students are also savvier about sustainable design and the need to address environmental issues, and they expect to see these reflected on their campuses.

Lydia Kimball, ASLA, is a principal at Mahan Rykiel Associates in Baltimore. She recognizes the challenges that new stormwater regulations are creating for many institutions and the effect on traditional aesthetics and functions of campus open spaces. She is also interested in the health and wellness aspects of design that are becoming increasingly important to students.

Frank Zanaboni, ASLA, is a principal at frankZdesign, LLC in Bolivar, Missouri. He believes in the benefits of using actual campus outdoor spaces as teaching examples. Working with students at the community college level, he has found that using hands-on exercises in a familiar environment is a great tool for keeping the students engaged. The “outdoor working design laboratories” allow the students to design and construct their ideas.

Amelle Schultz, ASLA, is a senior associate at Ayers Saint Gross Architects + Planners in Baltimore. She specializes in campus planning and has completed plans at the Universities of Baltimore, North Carolina, Maryland, and Wisconsin, among other institutions. This past year, Schultz visited several campuses across the country to learn how they develop unique solutions to similar problems. She also serves on the board of Pennsylvania State University’s landscape architecture school.

Roger Socha, ASLA, is a landscape architect at Ten Eyck Landscape Architects, Inc. in Phoenix. The firm is working on a number of projects at the Arizona State University Polytechnic Campus in Mesa, Arizona, that have transformed this former Air Force Base into a thriving learning environment and led to an Arizona Chapter ASLA Award of Excellence.

Steve Volkmann, ASLA, is a university landscape architect at the Ohio State University in Columbus. He notes that, over the past year, the university has increased its investment in much-needed infrastructure improvements including utilities, roads, and walks. While this had a significant impact on circulation during construction, the finished product is transforming the campus grounds in a very positive way.

Dean Gregory, ASLA, is campus landscape architect at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. He leads the design and revitalization of the university's Vancouver and Okanagan campuses by planning, designing, and implementing landscape initiatives. Last year, he found it gratifying to work with the campus community and consultants on several projects funded under the $46 million Vancouver Campus Public Realm Plan. The next six months should prove “interesting” as a good portion of the landscape finds itself turned upside down in the middle of $15 million worth of landscape projects.

Jonathan Ceci, ASLA, is the director of the landscape architecture studio at Ayers Saint Gross Architects + Planners in Baltimore. He specializes in designing campus landscapes, landscape master plans, and design guidelines for colleges, universities, and cultural institutions. Among his recent projects is developing a design for the University of Delaware’s future Science and Technology campus, which will be located on a 272-acre brownfield site (formerly a Chrysler automotive assembly plant).

Michael Mastrota, ASLA, is a landscape architect and project manager at American University in Washington, D.C. Last year, he found it especially rewarding to install a green roof on the campus with the help of student volunteers and to begin planning for the new East Campus projects. He also noted that the university has received several donations for the campus arboretum.

James Huppi, ASLA, is a landscape architect for Utah State University Facilities in Logan, Utah. He found it interesting that consultants for campus projects determined that overplanting is not acceptable or sustainable. They [HE?] noted that projects would look better longer if plants have sufficient room to grow and the staff has sufficient space to maintain them.

Paul Spaulding, ASLA, was a project manager for campus planning, design, and construction management at the University of Rochester in Rochester, New York. He has since become the senior operations officer for arts, sciences, and engineering at the University of Rochester. A highlight last year was coordinating the construction of three buildings on campus.

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