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NLAM, 04.26.12, and You

We’re one month out from April, which promises to be the busiest National Landscape Architecture Month (NLAM) yet. Last year all 48 of ASLA’s chapters realized the benefits of public outreach during April, participating with a variety of amazing events, and this year will prove no different.

Alaska, for example, will continue with its Garden Design Workshop concept, but will expand it to three cities. Mark Kimerer, ASLA, the chapter’s president, cites the benefits of outreach and NLAM.

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“The Garden Design Workshop is an opportunity for local landscape architects and designers to reach out into the community and teach what they know to enthusiastic participants,” he says. “Typically AK ASLA only does one Garden Design Workshop per year. We will be setting a high mark by hosting three in different parts of Alaska. Our toughest challenge will be getting our small membership to be able to cover all the volunteer time in each area. We are up to the challenge and happy this will be a great NLAM in Alaska.”

Partnerships can make the planning easier and help bring notice to your events. The Idaho/Montana chapter is working with the Barber Pool Conservation Area Interpretive Trail Design Workshop to organize an educational trail design charrette involving the National Park Service, the Idaho Foundation of Parks and Lands, and the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation. This exciting project will provide a rare opportunity to work with students and the local high school environmental education program. The critical design themes will include stewardship and conservation, recreation and being active, landscape and resource management, and community agriculture.

The Prairie Gateway chapter will address tragedy in its community by building a series of rain gardens for Joplin, Missouri, still recovering from a devastating tornado. The work is being done with area nonprofits as part of a grant-funded program through Wildcat Glades Conservation and Audubon Center.
Student chapters are getting to work, too. University of California–Davis students will create and host a float to display the profession of landscape architecture during its highly visible Picnic Day.

We’re still waiting to hear from chapters so that we can properly publicize NLAM 2012. We have reached millions through media outreach during NLAM, and we need to hear from you now to do it again. Report events using this form and stay tuned for further updates.

04.26.12 and Olmsted’s Birthday

Firm Recruitement

As chapters finish up their NLAM events, landscape architects across the country will drop what they’re doing, 08.17.11-style, for an hour to once again take to the streets. LRSLAstudio has taken the lead, creating an inside-joke poster to recruit landscape architects and allies to participate. Can you best them? Join the competition at to form a team creating a piece similar to LRSLAstudio’s—the design with the most likes will win T-shirts for everyone on the team to wear on 04.26.12.

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And don’t forget to submit your 04.26.12 locations and descriptions so we can map activity. Finally, help recruit landscape architects and allies to participate by hanging one of these posters in your office today.

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