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December 2004 Issue

Sustaining Developers
When it comes to sustainable design, what do developers expect from landscape architects?

By Kevin Flynn

Sustaning Developers Dave Cutler/

There is nothing inherently wrong with development. Our society and economy need it. Development is only wrong if it ignores basic principles of community and ecology and contributes to the continued degradation of our environment. But let's face it: There is a fair amount of bad development happening across the country. Sprawl and low-density development are mostly poorly planned and do not consider good environmental design practices during their creation.

However, a growing number of developers understand the importance of sustainable design. They take into account a site or bioregion's inherent limitations and opportunities during site design and development, and as a result, they do better for the environment and their own pocketbooks. There are many more developers who want to do the right thing but either don't know how or have become frustrated by the process and so end up doing little if anything to change the current paradigm.

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