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Creating Multimedia Reports with Impact
Using software to deliver a richer, more dynamic communication of a master plan or process.
By Kelleann Foster and Timothy P. Johnson

The printed report is a time-tested mode of communication, and it is not going away. However, just as transparency slides have evolved into digital presentations for greater impact, so too can reports. The landscape architect's realm is multidimensional, and printed reports are severely limited in their ability to communicate that which is our strength. Multimedia reports can be an affordable way to deliver a richer, more true-to-life communication of a master plan or process. To really understand multimedia reports, it is best to view them "live." Therefore, this article references examples linked from

Benefits of Multimedia Reports
Centuries of print publishing mean that most people are familiar with how to assemble a printed document. Multimedia documents are much newer and therefore require some initial extra effort for their production. Is that extra time and coordination worth it?

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