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Macs vs. PCs
Which computer platform best meets the needs of landscape architects? An old debate continues.
By James L. Sipes, ASLA

In 1985, after my first presentation on computer technology at a national conference, I was asked, "Which computer is best, a Mac or a PC?" Seventeen years and about 10 generations of technology later, I get the same question.

Some feel that the Mac vs. PC debate is over, since PCs (personal computers) control something like 94 percent of the market. But although Apple has such a small share of the market, Mac users are extremely loyal and are quick to tout the virtues of their computers.

Actually, "Which is better?" is probably not a good question to ask; after all, the Betamax was technically superior to VHS tapes, and many computer experts said the Commodore Amiga was superior to both the Mac and the PC. Does anyone still use Betamax, or even remember the Amiga? The question, then, is not which computer system is "better," but which allows landscape architects to expand their creativity and productivity.

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