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A Beautiful Mind
Reflections on the legacy of Erv Zube, "the father of landscape architecture research."
By Julius Gy. Fabos, ASLA

Ervin Zube, FASLA, died last February, his brilliant mind, ironically, destroyed by Alzheimer's disease. But if Zube's death saddened his family and friends, he left behind the results of his lifelong research. At his memorial service in Arizona, Carl Steinitz of Harvard called Zube "one of a small number of outstanding researcher-practitioners who created modern landscape planning. His many studies helped shape contemporary practice in this field, and his work has had important impacts on public landscape policy."

At the same service, Bill Havens, Zube's colleague at the University of Arizona, said, "It is generally accepted that Frederick Law Olmsted is considered the father of the profession of landscape architecture. In comparison, many consider Zube to be the father of landscape architecture research."

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