Half Street Fairgrounds

Your Guide
Joan Honeyman, ASLA

Half Street Fairgrounds came about as a collaboration between a local D.C. restaurateur and developer. The large empty lot near Nationals' Stadium was envisioned as an interim event space for use during the 2012 baseball season. Old shipping containers were recycled to create temporary restaurant and vendor space in an open air market modeled after Brooklyn’s Dekalb Market. In addition to accommodating baseball crowds, Half Street Fairgrounds hosts the D.C. Truckeroo food truck extravaganza as well as live music and craft markets. The Fairgrounds site, slated for development as a 700,000-square foot mixed-use project, is part of the Capitol Riverfront redevelopment neighborhood. It's designed for maximum flexibility; as buildings are constructed, the Fairgrounds shipping containers can be rearranged to reflect the changing site and remain a viable recreational space until final buildout.

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