The U.S. Botanic Garden Bartholdi Park

Your Guide
Liz Guthrie, ASLA

The U.S. Botanic Garden is a must-see destination for residents and visitors alike, enticing both plant enthusiasts and novices. Located at the intersection of  1st Street SW, between Maryland and Independence Avenues, the Conservatory is a year-round resource showcasing a large number of rare and exotic species and provides a fun, jungle-like experience with winding paths, bridges and level changes to explore throughout the grand interior space. Outdoors, the themed gardens offer a variety of attractions, including the First Ladies Garden, the Butterfly Garden, and the Amphitheater.

Bartholdi Park is located just across the street from the Conservatory, housing the administrative offices of the United States Botanic Garden. Bartholdi Park was named for French sculptor Augustine Bartholdi, who designed the central fountain in the garden, and also designed the Statue of Liberty.

Bartholdi Park, which was recently redesigned by Andropogon Associates, is a pilot project of the Sustainable Sites Initiative™ (SITES™), featuring different garden styles and plant options that all can be achieved using SITES performance benchmarks. The project serves as a demonstration garden for homeowners to learn how integrated ecological design works. Incorporating restorative measures that mimic natural systems, the site offers man-made "bioretention" systems that capture stormwater runoff. Throughout, salvaged and recycled hardscape materials and regionally appropriate plantings were used. There are also plans for sustainable site maintenance.

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