Annual Meeting

2015 Annual Meeting Handouts

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Field Sessions

FS-001 Solid as a Rock: Residential Jewels along Lake Michigan
FS-002 Public Gardens - Beyond Aesthetics
FS-003 Between Loop and Lake: Great Downtown Chicago Landscapes
FS-004 Garden Estates of the North Shore
FS-005 Urban Agriculture in Action
FS-006 Chicago by Boat: Industry, Community, and Urban Transformation
FS-007 Vibrant Open Spaces in Chicago’s Cultural Neighborhoods
FS-008 Legendary Chicago Sports Fields: Behind the Scenes of Safe, Sustainable, and Beautiful
FS-009 Oak Park’s Engaging Streets and Recreational Spaces
FS-010 Chicago’s Therapeutic Healing Spaces
FS-011 SKETCH CHICAGO! Discover the City Through On-Location Sketching
FS-012 Stewardship of a Grand Campus Legacy: The University of Chicago
FS-013 Fire, Work with Me: Native Urban-Landscape Restoration and Prairie-Burn Demonstration
FS-014 Developing Chicago Lakefront Parks: Means, Methods, Strategies, and Partners
FS-015 Walking the 606
FS-016 Walking the Riverwalk: Connecting People to the Chicago River

Friday Education Sessions

FRI-A01 The Indy Greenways Full Circle Plan—Indy’s Next Big Thing
FRI-A02 Working from the 3D Basemap
FRI-A03 The Design of Europe’s Largest New Park: Metropolitan Park, Athens
FRI-A04 5 Essentials for Riparian + Wetland Restoration Success
FRI-A05 Infrastructure, Resilience, and Public Space
FRI-A06 Organic Landscape Management—Perceptions vs. Reality
FRI-A07 Get Active: Implement Active Design in Your Neighborhoods and Open Spaces
FRI-A08 Of Immediate Concern: Student Enrollment and Our Professional Future
FRI-A09 “A Garden in Every School” Education and Obesity Prevention
FRI-A10 Paths to Diversity: A Cross-Generational Exploration
FRI-B01 Designing with the Homeless
FRI-B02 Hybrid Practices
FRI-B03 Designed Ecologies: An Interdisciplinary Discussion
FRI-B04 Regional Green Infrastructure: Design Targets, Policy, and Local Conditions
FRI-B05 Beyond the Buzz Word: Holding “Green” Accountable
FRI-B06 Pick Your Battles: Working Amidst Novel Ecosystems and Invasive Plants
FRI-B07 Lighting: More than Meets the Eye
FRI-B08 Cuba Calling: Landscape Architecture in an Open Cuba
FRI-B09 The Renewable Energy Landscape: Opportunities, Challenges, and Responsibility
FRI-B10 Urban Green Space and Mental Well-being: Evidence-Based Design
FRI-C01 Resiliency in University Planning: Risks and Opportunities
FRI-C02 Landscape Performance: Determining What and How to Measure
FRI-C03 Re-envisioning Diversity: Integrating Rural and Urban Pollinator Habitats
FRI-C04 Mock Ups: The Journey Between Ideas and Making
FRI-C05 A Varied Palette: Design and Function of Natural Water Features
FRI-C06 The Landscape of Gentrification
FRI-C07 Soil or Sand for Planting: Research and Debate Continues
FRI-C08 Safer Streets, Stronger Economies: Measuring Complete-Streets Performance
FRI-C09 Psychology of Urban Play: The Human Dimension
FRI-C10 The LA Media Continuum: Projecting the Future of Our Profession
FRI-D01 Raw Las Vegas: Stripping Away Fantasy to Expose Authentic Identity
FRI-D02 Residential Design: Transformative Stories and Lifelong Friendships
FRI-D03 Building a Technical Landscape: Maggie Daley Park
FRI-D04 Water and Landscape: Telling a Story
FRI-D05 The Product Transparency Conversation: Evaluating Environment and Health
FRI-D06 Check Your Baggage and Travel: Dispelling Myths about Hospitality
FRI-D07 Relationship Capital: Key to Personal Growth and Goal Achievement
FRI-D08 Coastal Land Reclamation: Ecological Improvement or Partner in Crime?
FRI-D09 Lessons from the Green Roof Field: Measuring Success
FRI-D10 Landscape, Public Space, and Identity: The Present Future Condition

Saturday Education Sessions

SAT-A01 Beyond Burnham: Reinventing Three Iconic Landscapes for Chicago’s Next Millennium
SAT-A02 Inside the LA Studio with Hollander Design
SAT-A03 Plant What You See: Fragile Arctic Ecosystems
SAT-A04 China Futures: A Way Forward Through Great Design
SAT-A05 Measuring Environmental Justice
SAT-A06 Amending Site Soils to Enhance Infiltration on Compacted Urban Sites
SAT-A07 The Roadmap to Young Professionals
SAT-A08 Breaking the Mold: The Inspirational Workplace
SAT-A09 The Innovative Use of Metal and Stone in the Contemporary Landscape
SAT-A10 Designing Incentives for Health
SAT-A11 Geodesign: Visualizing Green Infrastructure
SAT-B01 Recalibrating Urban Rivers
SAT-B02 Outside the LA Studio with HM Design
SAT-B03 Everything to Know About Public Work You Were Afraid to Ask
SAT-B04 Moving from Net-Zero to Wet-Positive: A Biocentric Approach to Sustainable Water Management
SAT-B05 Ask the Experts: Questions about the SITES Rating System, Certification, and More
SAT-B06 Native to Spontaneous Flora: Developing Successful Plant Communities
SAT-B07 Some Assembly Required: Lessons Learned in Complete Streets Implementation
SAT-B08 Landscape Architects Hiring Landscape Architects: Consultant Selection
SAT-B09 The Devil Is in the Details: Documenting and Delivering a Legacy Project
SAT-B10 Bridging the Gap: Klyde Warren Park and the Revitalization of Central Dallas
SAT-B11 Digital Craftsmanship: Fabrication for Custom-designed Landscape Elements

Sunday Education Sessions

SUN-A01 Mayoral Leadership: Engaging Landscape Architects in the Design of Cities
SUN-A02 Inside the LA Studio with Spurlock Poirier
SUN-A03 Conservation Agriculture: Quantifying Results and Expanding Territory
SUN-A04 Realizing District Ecological Infrastructure: From Vision to Site Implementation in Cities
SUN-A05 Is It Working? Practical Measurement and Verification of Landscape Performance
SUN-A06 Plant Rescues: Using Salvaged Plants to Create Meaningful Landscapes
SUN-A07 Collaborate, Not Compete: A New Paradigm for Design
SUN-A08 From the Editor’s Desk: Navigating the Modern Design Media
SUN-A09 Owner, Designer, Construction Manager: Three Landscape Architects Shape Governors Island
SUN-A10 The Future of the Suburban Workplace: Learning from the Bay Area
SUN-A11 Evidence-based Design: Sensory Play Gardens and Children with Developmental Disorders
SUN-B01 The World Trade Center as an Integrated Landscape
SUN-B02 Inside the LA Studio with Floor Associates
SUN-B03 BIM in Landscape Architecture: Opportunities and Challenges
SUN-B04 Transformational Learning: Integrate Ecological Research into Design
SUN-B05 Sustainable Water Systems at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
SUN-B06 Native Meadows and Grasslands: From Vision to Reality
SUN-B07 Office Culture and Transparency: Building an Empowered 21st Century Design Practice
SUN-B08 Finding Design: Case Studies in the Creative Process
SUN-B09 Profitable or Not: New Models of Public Practice with the CEO Roundtable
SUN-B10 Launch: A Mid-leap Conversation with New Firm Founders
SUN-B11 Landscape Architecture and Design Post-Sandy: New Paradigms of Resilience

Monday Education Sessions

MON-A01 Designing for Cultural Identity: Chicago Case Studies
MON-A02 Collaboration, Preservation, and Pedagogy: Planning and Designing Today’s Academic Campus
MON-A03 Repositioning Industrial Land: Washington, D.C., and Other Cities
MON-A05 Assessing the Results of Sustainable Strategies 10 to 30 Years Later
MON-A06 FOOD ROOF: A Case Study on Elevated Urban Agriculture
MON-A07 Helping Communities Activate Vacant Land
MON-A08 Where Desert Meets the Sea: Too Much or Too Little Water
MON-A09 Critical Work: Innovative Green Infrastructure Regulations Transforming D.C.
MON-B01 Combining Forces: Landscape Architect and Lighting Designer Collaboration
MON-B02 Accessible Design as Good Design: A Conversation from the Field 
MON-B03 Completely Green: Developing Green, Complete, and Smart Streets—the ASLA Method
MON-B04 Artful Rainwater Design: Background, Big Ideas, and What’s Next
MON-B05 Chicago Navy Pier Flyover Pedestrian Bridge: Shaping the Urban Landscape
MON-B06 Pesticides and Pollinators: Policy, Practice, Activism
MON-B07 A Dynamic Legacy: The University of Washington Campus Landscape Framework Plan
MON-B08 Public Parks and Private Partners: United They Stand?
MON-B09 Centennial Lessons: The National Park Service and Forest Preserves of Cook County
MON-C01 Civic Landscapes: Private/Public Partnerships and Resilient Public Spaces
MON-C02 Hollywood’s Backlot Urbanism: A Landscape Cinematography Pattern Language
MON-C03 Blank Slate Landscapes: Regenerative Undoing and Ecological Infill
MON-C04 Green Stormwater Infrastructure Redefines the Post-industrial Urban Landscape
MON-C05 Planting in a Post-wild World: Designing Resilient Plant Communities
MON-C06 Landscape Protagonists: Asserting Agency, Developing Audiences, Winning Work
MON-C07 Historicism in Garden Design: Preservation, Pragmatism or Pastiche?
MON-C08 Renewable Energy: Transforming the American Landscape in an Era of Climate Change
MON-C09 Learning from Our Work: The SWA Post-Occupancy Initiative
MON-D01 Smart Water: Transforming the Brooklyn Botanic Garden Water Systems
MON-D02 An Integrated Interdisciplinary Approach to Therapeutic Design
MON-D03 Legacy Cities: Applying Landscape Metrics to Guide Rightsizing Decisions
MON-D04 Everything Is Food: Nutrient Systems for Site and Structure
MON-D06 Access and Experience: A Best-Practice Primer for Inclusive Design
MON-D07 Constructability and Cost Considerations for Natural Stone Hardscape Elements
MON-D08 Public Space Prototypes: Temporary Parks Transform the City


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