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Environmental Justice + Landscape Architecture: A Student's Guide (Draft)

A Landscape Architecture Student's Guide to Environmental Justice is a collaboration between student representatives from the ASLA Environmental Justice Professional Practice Network (PPN). The authors are seeking feedback on the content and its effectiveness in introducing environmental justice and clarifying its meaning and worth to landscape architecture students across the country.

SURVEY LINK: ASLA members are welcome to review the draft guide and share their feedback here.

The guide was produced by:
Kari Spiegelhalter | MLA ‘18 | Cornell University
Theresa Ruswick | MLA ‘18 | Cornell University
Patricia Noto | MLA ‘18 | Rhode Island School of Design

ASLA Public Policy on Environmental Justice

Environmental Justice + Landscape Architecture
The intention of this website is to provide a safe place to discuss the issues related to environmental justice. We hope to provide an outlet for all who are interested to share knowledge, resources and ask questions. This site strives to be a resource that allows people from all over the globe to join the discussion regarding environmental justice.



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