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Designing Our Future: Sustainable Landscapes
Includes 40 case studies illustrating the transformative effects of sustainable landscape design and animations created with SketchUp showing how sustainable design works.
SITES AP Prep Webinars
SITES Section 2.2: Conduct a Pre-Design Assessment - 1.0 PDH (LA CES/HSW)
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SITES AP Exam Webinar Series
$200 for full ASLA members
Includes 9 webinars, which can also be purchased separately:

  • Section 1: Site Context
  • Section 2: Pre-Design Assessment + Planning
  • Section 3: Site Design - Water
  • Section 4: Site Design - Soil + Vegetation
  • Section 5: Site Design - Materials Selection
  • Section 6: Site Design - Human Health + Well-Being
  • Section 7: Construction
  • Section 8: Operations + Maintenance
  • Section 9: Education + Performance Monitoring and Section 10: Innovation or Exemplary Performance


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