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Healthcare and Therapeutic Design Resources

Healthcare and Therapeutic Design Resources

Health Benefits of Nature
ASLA's Health Benefits of Nature guide includes information specifically on children. Topics covered include: ADD/ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Cognition, Depression, General Health, Nature Deficit Disorder, Obesity, Stress, Type II Diabetes, and Well-being.

Green Cities: Good Health
This University of Washington research database includes summaries of research done on themes that include Active Living, Wellness & Physiology, Healing & Therapy, and Mental Health & Function.

Therapeutic Landscape Research Initiative (TLRI)
February 21, 2009
The TLRI is a source for information on research related to therapeutic garden benefits and the application of this research to the planning and design of therapeutic landscapes. The project was funded by a PPN Initiatives grant from ASLA.

Design for Retirement & Healthcare Environment Report
September 7, 2006

Therapeutic Garden Design Recommended Reading List
May 22, 2005

"Cancer Centers, Hospitals Using Gardens to Help Patients Heal"
Oncology Times
April 25, 2006

"Healing Havens: NIH Prescribes Gardens to Soothe the Sick"
August 25, 2005

"The Great Outdoors"
May 22, 2005



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