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Monday, April 27, 2015, 10:00 am (eastern)

Jules Bruck, Co-Chair; Hilary Noonan, Co-Chair; Brian LaHaie, Officer; Audra Lofton, Officer; Shawn Balon, ASLA Staff; Ali Hay, ASLA Staff
Call to order
1. Update - 1st quarter activities
i. Field posts
•    Creative Commons, Jules Bruck 1/21/15
•    Connecting the Dots, Hilary Noonan, 3/31/15
•    Joni Palmer, Portfolio Review, upcoming in 5/31/15
•    Brian LaHaie, 8/31/15
Above represents the minimum posts needed by our PPN – 4 per year on a schedule provided by ASLA.  We encourage our membership to also write for The Field and to that end will put a continuous tagline at the end of all emails to let people know about the opportunity.
As you prepare your field post, please work with Jeff Lakey – our Editor.  You can email him and he will review the post before it gets sent to ASLA. Send ideas to Jules Bruck and Hilary Noonan.
Field posts are approximately 1000 words and include 3-4 photos.
ii. Webinars
Ideas and presentations are needed for Online Learning opportunities (webinars). One thought was to expand the “Connecting the Dot’s” Field Post – encouraging the people who were the subject of that post to conduct a webinar. We also discussed having the LindedIn group spur on ideas for upcoming webinars.  All ideas are welcome so please send your thoughts to Jules Bruck and Hilary Noonan.
Hilary Noonan will reach out to the PPN membership for webinar ideas.
iii. LinkedIn
Audra Lofton suggested that she post information rather than questions and that would perhaps spur on discussion.  For example – posting information she receives about university programs.  
If you have anything you would like Audra to post on the LinkedIN group – please email information to her or join the LinkedIn group to post your comments.
iv. ASLA Annual Meeting Submissions
The PPN will use the Chicago Annual Meeting PPN meeting schedule to host a networking workshop with the goal of connecting members for next year’s conference submissions.  We should continue to consider a way to facilitate the sharing of information for the purposes of submitting conference proposals.

2. Discussion - PPN Webpages
ASLA requesting content ideas for:
E&P PPN Main Landing Page (Mission Statement and Goals) – ours is fine since it is new, but it should be looked at each year to make sure we are happy with the content on our landing page.
E&P PPN Resources Page – this is a place for us to store documents that are relevant to our membership and leadership team.  Agendas and minutes can be posted on this page.  Also, links to presentations from the annual meeting that we would like to share with a larger audience.
E&P PPN Professional Links – This is a page to list links to other related organizations.  Continue to email your link ideas to Jules Bruck and Hilary Noonan to discuss.
3. Communication
We discussed barriers to communication between educators and practitioners.  The jargon used by both can make it difficult for these two groups to feel like they are on the same page.  
We discussed a “Word of the Day” concept (like Urban Dictionary).  We should present this concept to our membership and ask them to submit definitions for words they use on a regular basis.  It would be fun to make these humorous and engaging.
4. Schedule next call
Leadership Calls will be scheduled every other month for a total of 6 times/year. For leadership opportunities, please contact Jules Bruck or Hilary Noonan.
Adjourn: 11:05
Submitted, Jules Bruck, Education and Practice PPN Co-Chair



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