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 Chinatown Green Street Demonstration Project
   Chinatown Green Street Demonstration Project / ASLA

ASLA is bringing the expertise it has developed in green development down from the roof to street level. Its vision provides for a series of vegetated systems to manage stormwater, beautify the streetscape, and enable safe access for all users of all ages and abilities on Eye Street, the public right of way in front of the ASLA Center for Landscape Architecture.  The project will incorporate green stormwater management techniques that use plants and soil to slow, filter, and cleanse stormwater. It will also provide safe access to all users including pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists, and transit riders of all ages and abilities.   The result will be a revitalized street corridor and enhanced environment for community residents, workers, businesses, and visitors to Washington’s historic Chinatown neighborhood. 

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   Bagby Street, Design Workshop 

The project will also create Green, Complete, and Smart:  A Sourcebook and Method for High Performance Streets, a publication that will document the planning and implementation of the Eye Street demonstration project as well as other green street projects. Once completed, the sourcebook will provide designers and communities with a step-by-step method and the tools needed to make decisions on implementing green and complete streets in their own neighborhoods.   

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