American Society of Landscape Architects ASLA 2006 Student Awards
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Nandi Picturesque Park
Su-Jung Park, Student ASLA
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Faculty Advisor(s): Anuradha Mathur

"There is a remarkable level of sophistication with which cultural and ecological issues are seamlessly dealt. A great model for developing a hybrid analytical language."

— 2006 Student Awards Jury Comments

This project is about a land along NH7, which is a main high in Bangalore, India. The project site is Nandi Hill located 31 miles from the North of Bangalore. Nandi Hill has a reputation for famous ancient monuments and beautiful scenic landscapes.

The design mission is to protect the most magnificent land in Bangalore, to make it available for the enjoyment of visitors, and to preserve historical and cultural sites. I was interested in landscape paintings of Bangalore that include ideas about historical contexts. I took my design concept from picturesque paintings by analyzing them. Nandi Picturesque Park was inspired by the theory of landscape paintings composed by foreground, middleground, and background. It has three characteristic areas each having their own program.

The foreground area is an urbanized agriculture field for tea farms and mulberry plantations. It has visual connections from the high points to the focal points such as temples and monuments in the foreground. These connections constitute diverse trajectories. They transform the land patterns for the mulberry and tea tree farms.

The middleground has quarries, groves, wetlands, and nandi town. Most of the land on the middle ground is flat and gentle slope. This geographical condition is good for triathlon. In addition, I developed the quarry that has unique landscape as an art place to provide not only exhibition space but also an institutional facility.

There are many sources of a stream in Nandi Hill of the background. I followed a stream to its origins and came up with climbing circuits by linking the origins of streams each other. These circuits have different slopes and people can enjoy sports such as climbing or BMX as well as beautiful panoramic views. The hilltop is a suitable place to enjoy hang gliding and parachute.


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