American Society of Landscape Architects ASLA 2006 Student Awards
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Woven Orchard: Urban Biotopes Flexible Children's Landscape
Hyosoon Ki, Student ASLA
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Faculty Advisor(s): Keith Kaseman and Julie Beckman

"Vibrant, playful, sophisticated solution. Reconceives the the orchard as a place to be. The program of this project is phenomenal without the usual theme park quality."

— 2006 Student Awards Jury Comments


Located in Prague, Czech Republic, this island is called children's island, and is used as a small recreation park for children and neighborhood. Built in the late 1800s, the 13,400 square meter island is an artificial structure and is adjacent to the mixed use of community and the Vltava River. Currently, this island is the small recreation park for the community and visitors of Prague. However, the using time is usually focused on the day time and summer time, because this site is not easily accessible and is monotonous terrain. Therefore, this project would like to build the flexible space for the various activity choices of the users without time.


n. An area that is uniform in environmental conditions and in its distribution of animal and plant life.

The main intent of this project is the proposal of the urban biotopes for a flexible landscape. 'Biotope' is a place that sets up good and various conditions of wildlife. From this definition, this project intends to set up the island with a multiple of biotopes for ecology, culture, and activity.

In particular, an orchard nurtures people and wildlife, provides trade and nest, and becomes an open space and sanctuary. That is why a basic fabric in module system of this project is an orchard that is a medium to create a flexible landscape. Also, to create a flexible landscape, biotopes are supposed to interweave through the whole island. Finally, the statement of this project is 'Biotopes of activity, culture, and ecology interlaced through orchard fabrics.'


This project has been started to investigate the rubber that is a flexible material, as well as experiment the pre-bias system. From these investigations, this project has developed the module system by the pre-bias system and space condition catalog. This module system is transformed to the existing condition through the children's island, as well as building the flexible system such as the flexible density, flexible infrastructure, and flexible space in the open space by using a plug-in technique. In company with this, the material system is for the flexible activity of users. The site interwoven by these systems is entirely dependent upon various choices of users.


This site's landscape program and goal are intended to reach out to the neighborhood of adjacent communities, as well as to sustain the influx of the visitors of Prague.

The users can choose their own activities and programs in the wovenorchard that is interwoven by the systems following the space guideline that is consisted of the variables such as system, material, time, and occupancy. The space guideline not only helps users to understand these systems, but also enables them to do any activity they want. Therefore, spaces in this site are not designated by a special program, but they are always flexible.


From the material study, I have explored what the flexibility of landscape is and how the flexibility is embodied in the real site with users, communities, and nature. In addition, I have created a design strategy that makes flexible infrastructure in landscape. This is a great chance not only to introduce the new typology of the condition catalog and programs, but also to explore the systemic landscape and transition of space.  


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