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  2004 ASLA Student Awards




North Corktown Design Handbook
Jason Braidwood, Student ASLA, Paul Coseo, Student ASLA, Christopher Cox, Student ASLA, Jen-Jia Huang, Student ASLA, Jessica Kenzie, Student ASLA, Joanna Paine, Student ASLA, Derek Roberts, Student ASLA, Ben Smith, Student ASLA, and Ethan Solomon, Student ASLA (upper left to lower right by row)
University of Michigan
Advisor: Assistant Professor Larissa S. Larsen, ASLA.

Very comprehensive, clearly stated look at the community... Well organized and executed effort which made use of team diversity... good planning study... .good proposals for transport and streetscape... Great photos, clear information, beautiful page layout.
          2004 Student Awards Jury Comments

The goal of this project is to encourage diversity in every possible aspect of the redevelopment of the North Corktown neighborhood. Diversity is a force that has been proven to transform neighborhoods into strong, sustainable, and vibrant communities. Diverse communities, by their very nature, welcome people of any race, age, or economic status, contain integrated land uses, and possess ecologically diverse vegetative park systems. These complex sets of factors create a community’s unique sense of place. The suggestions for the North Corktown redevelopment aim at achieving a high level of social, economic, and spatial diversity. The recommendations presented will strengthen the community now and into the future.

Photos: (left to right by row) 1953 North Corktown, 1991 North Corktown, Master Plan Ortho, Future North Corktown

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