American Society of Landscape Architects

  2004 ASLA Student Awards




A Study of Schenley Park:
Historical Interpretation to Guide Intervention
Shruti Dixit, Student ASLA
Pennsylvania State University
Advisors: Professor Thomas Yahner, Professor Bonj Szczygiel, and Professor Cecilia Rusnak, ASLA.

An interesting new approach to understanding, researching, and learning how to design for historical places...well developed paper relating social periods to park use and design... well organized, insightful... execution of the process and final product is exceptional... .appropriate process for historical interpretation that goes beyond recording history... Needs to become a part of our professional approach.
          2004 Student Awards Jury Comments

This study interprets the history of Schenley Park in a manner that addresses the park as a system, examines the ideological and temporal layers in it, and connects these to the physical landscape. Though the focus on ideas and themes are associated with Schenley Park, the study identifies its relationship to broader social, political, and economic conditions both in Pittsburgh and in the national context of the United States. In this manner, this project reveals multiple dimensions to the park and suggests that intervention should be planned in a holistic manner that integrates the physical, ideological, and temporal layers of the landscape.

Photos & Drawings: Shruti Dixit

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