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  2004 ASLA Student Awards




Regional Wetland Mitigation Framework for the Protection of Biodiversity:
The Northeast Florida Region as a Case Study
Ginevra Anuszkiewicz, Student ASLA
University of Florida
Advisors: Professor Margaret H. Carr, Professor Robert R. Grist, ASLA, and Professor Paul Zwick.

Very thorough, well documented, appropriate process... clear goals and methodology... a text-book study... well organized and communicative about an important issue for landscape architects...
          2004 Student Awards Jury Comments

This project proposes a framework for off-site regional wetland mitigation that protects biodiversity. Scientific foundations for the framework include wildlife ecology, conservation biology, landscape ecology, and reserve design principles. Patch size, significant habitat, connectivity, spatial context water quality, and acquisition feasibility were prime considerations for the framework. The framework was applied as a case study to northeast Florida within the St. John’s River Water Management District.

The author concludes that the regional framework for wetland mitigation is a flexible process that could potentially be applied to any region where comparable data is available. The study highlights the ecological importance of wetlands of even the smallest size and includes small wetlands within the framework. The framework has potential applications within the St. Johns River Water Management District for both mitigation and land acquisition purposes. The study also portrays the importance of protecting integrated landscapes of uplands, wetlands, and open water.

Drawings: Ginevra Anuszkiewicz

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