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  2004 ASLA Student Awards




Community after Communism:
Planning for New Development in the Vernacular Village of Klokoci Czech Republic
Emily Riley, Student ASLA
Pennsylvania State University
Advisors: Professor Daniel R. Jones, ASLA and Professor Cecilia Rusnak, ASLA.

An elegant study of how ideological and cultural change influences the landscape over time... More significant because it also deals with the agrarian landscape... fluid feel to the narrative... clear, effective writing style... great background information... beautiful presentation... substantive as well as sensitive...
          2004 Student Awards Jury Comments

Communism has impacted the landscape and outlook of Klokoci, a village community in the Cesky Raj Projected Landscape Area in the Czech Republic. New residential development in this vernacular landscape diverges from traditional patterns while reflecting the changing times and culture of the post-communist society. This project addresses the issue of accommodation change in a traditional rural landscape. A demonstration project in Klokoci provides alternatives to proposed development plans that better respond to environmental and culture issues within this changing community. The research considers the need for public spaces in this small community, residential growth or decline over the next several decades, and conceptual infill scenarios.

Drawings and Photos: (left to right by row) Analysis, New Lot Development, Detailed Plan, Looking Down on Villiage Luke, Communal Farm, Skaly Ridge Luke, Hunsa House Luke, Skola Luke.

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