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  2004 ASLA Student Awards




Urbanization in Binational Watersheds in the U.S.—Mexico Borderlands:
Open Space Design Proposal for a Regenerative Future
Karen Lyding, Student ASLA (top) and Emily Roddy, Student ASLA (bottom)
Arizona State University
Advisors: Assistant Professor Joseph Ewan, ASLA, and Associate Professor Rebecca Fish Ewan.

A really thorough analysis... this problem has been framed in an excellent way... overall, a lot of information compiled...
          2004 Student Awards Jury Comments

This project analyzes conventional river management practices in the border region, and then uses the City of Tecate, Baja California Norte, Mexico to illustrate alternative design strategies applicable to many bi-national urban waterways. Two primary scales of intervention are examined for the City of Tecate: Those applicable to the urban area as a whole, and those appropriate to neighborhood-based urban river parks. These ecological and socio-economic interventions strive to mange flood waters and improve water quality, while also regenerating riparian habitat and educating the community.

Drawings: Karen Lyding and Emily Roddy

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