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  2004 ASLA Student Awards




California Center for Native Plants and Wildlife
Michael O'Connell, Student ASLA
California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
Advisor: Professor Walter D. Bremer, ASLA and Professor Bill MacElroy.

Nice layout of boards... good explanations... focus is on design solution... very thorough and environmentally sound.
          2004 Student Awards Jury Comments

The California Center for Native Plants and Wildlife is a 130 acre parcel located fifty miles west of Chico in the small hamlet of Flournoy, California. It has historically been used for irrigation farming and cattle ranching. The center seeks to create change by researching and testing methodologies for improving rangeland management, exotic control, and native species rehabilitation, while at the same time involving the community as a whole to get involved in issues of sustainability and ecologically sound land management.

For this design project the site was divided into four conceptual sections based on the four main elements: Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire. Each of these has its own art installation and research effort that focuses on the effects of that particular element on native establishment and exotic eradication. Sustainable and educational features in each section are also coordinated based on each individual element. The art and educational elements of the site are set within the larger restoration zone, which has been divided into smaller units for study and application of exotic weed treatment types.

Drawings: Michael O'Connell

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