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  2004 ASLA Student Awards




When Moose Fly:
Exploring Strategies for the Integration of Wildlife and Highways
Kelly Simpson, Student ASLA
University of Guelph
Advisors: Professor Nathan H. Perkins, ASLA
Graduate Advisors: Sarah McCans, Student ASLA, and Steve Barnhart.

Good collection of information... well executed board layout... very clear... a strong graphic presentation of very simple proposals... this is a simple and elegant solution, presented with wit and humor and with some interesting ideas for how to raise awareness without extensive signage.
          2004 Student Awards Jury Comments

This project addresses a problem that can be simplified into a simple, potentially fatal equation:

highways + moose = accidents

There is a conflict between vehicles and wildlife on our roadways. In the province of New Brunswick, Canada, there are over 250 collisions between moose and vehicles each year, resulting in many incidences of death and injuries directly attributed to moose-vehicle accidents.

This project advances the design of coexistence strategies, which would target a responsive action from the drivers. The project suggests that this would be more effective than previous approaches in the prevention of further collisions, and accomplish this task at significantly lower expense. The cost conscious nature of coexistence strategies will likely attract the interest of transportation and government organizations to adopt these strategies, which would encourage greater safety and awareness on our road – for both vehicles and wildlife.

Drawings: Kelly Simpson

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