American Society of Landscape Architects

  2004 ASLA Professional Awards

Design Award of Honor

Nasher Sculpture Center, Dallas, TX
Peter Walker & Partners, Berkeley, CA
Client: Nasher Foundation

Effective creation of series of outdoor rooms through tree bosques. . . Geometry serves as a perfect extension from the indoor space visually and functionally. . . Excellent!
           2004 Professional Awards Jury Comments

This sculpture garden was designed as an outdoor gallery that can hold between twenty and thirty pieces, some permanently and some in changing displays. The great weight of some of the pieces and the movement of sculpture in and out of the garden necessitated the invention of a special soil that drains perfectly without catch basins, is strong enough to hold the weight loads, and can support the growth of a special resilient grass turf as well as many large specimen trees. To allow as much flexibility as an indoor museum space, pavement was kept to a minimum while meeting public ADA requirements. Stone plinths distribute flexible systems of lighting, sound, security, and irrigation through the garden as well as provide casual seating and additional sites for smaller pieces of sculpture.


Master plan drawing of the modern sculpture center with tree layout and overview.

Two sections of the garden forming the long axes along Olive and Harwood Streets cut through the garden terraces and the other through the amphitheater and lower theater.

Aerial view of the finished Dallas arts district center completed in late 2003. (Photo: Tim Hurley's Studio - Tim Hurley)

Outdoor view of the stone terrace and sculpture garden from inside the museum. (Photo: Tim Hurley's Studio - Tim Hurley)

Stone walkway with integrated special draining soil, resilient grass, and large trees that can support the weight of the sculpture. (Photo: Tim Hurley's Studio - Tim Hurley)

Outdoor view of linear-planted live oaks with one of the pools in the background. (Photo: Tim Wight - Peter Walker & Partners)

Accessible modern sculpture carefully examined by a patron. (Photo: Tim Wight - Peter Walker & Partners)

The rear terraces and Turrell Room beyond the reflection pools provide sound protection from the surrounding area and subterranean freeway with a wooden boardwalk connecting the two main stone paths. (Photo: Tim Hurley's Studio - Tim Hurley)

Opposite side view of the Turrell Room and dual pools with sculpture and trees fully integrated into the design. (Photo: Tim Hurley's Studio - Tim Hurley)

View along one of the stone walkways facing the indoor museum. (Photo: Tim Hurley's Studio - Tim Hurley)

Lighted night view of the outdoor gallery covered in a not so typical blanket snow. (Photo: Nasher Sculpture Center - Dean Perry)
A fountain of water jets to help counter the street noise spill out onto the long pool filled with water lilies. (Photo: Tim Wight - Peter Walker & Partners)
The Mark di Suvero sculpture lit at night by the center's showcasing lighting, indoor museum, and Dallas skyline. (Photo: Tim Wight - Peter Walker & Partners)

A patron examines one of the unique works of art in the garden. (Photo: Tim Wight - Peter Walker & Partners)
The garden wall fountain at night. (Photo: Tim Wight - Peter Walker & Partners)

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