American Society of Landscape Architects

  2004 ASLA Professional Awards

Design Award of Merit

Pacific Heights Residence, San Francisco, CA
Andrea Cochran Landscape Architecture, San Francisco, CA

Ingenious solutions for a tough site. . . Beautiful forms established in a common, small space. Beautiful, evocative presentation. . . Artistic, beautiful use of plant materials to emphasize translation and articulation of site photography. . .
           2004 Professional Awards Jury Comments

A couple with four small children approached the landscape architect to transform the sloping yard of their new home into a place for their active children to play. A large deck, clothed in woven willow panels, now overlooks the garden. The landscape architect sculpted the slope into a series of zigzagged, ramped walks traversing the hill. On the west side, a thicket-covered secret tunnel screens a slide evocative of Alice in Wonderland. Phosphorescent cables woven within the tunnel glow at night. An oversized “lawn” chair planted with live grass greets the children in the lower yard. The rear property line is screened with a 10-foot living fence of willow switches woven together on site, which will take root and continue to grow.


Children playfully traverse the hillside to return to the slide for another turn. The composition still appears one-dimensional. (Photo: Holly Stewart)

Site plan (Drawing: Andrea Cochran Landscape Architecture)

Viewed from deck above, the composition of lawn ramps becomes compressed creating the illusion of a flat pane. (Photo: Helen Eging)

The three-dimensional quality of the ramp is revealed. The thicket covered slide is in the background. (Photo: Helen Eging)

Close-up of triangular wedges of COR-TEN steel and stairs. (Photo: Ken Gutmaker)

View from back to the deck screened with woven willow wattle. (Photo: Helen Eging)

View from center of lawn looking back at deck and the switchbacks. (Photo: Ken Gutmaker)

Children playing at the base of the rustic willow tunnel that wraps existing slide. (Photo: Holly Stewart)

Oversized lawn chair with moveable willow ball in the background. (Photo: Ken Gutmaker)

Willow tepee light designed by landscape architect for this project with existing wall and clematis. (Photo: Helen Eging)

Antique vat transformed into a "green" table. (Photo: Ken Gutmaker)
View from upper deck showing project overview. (Photo: Holly Stewart)

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