American Society of Landscape Architects

  2004 ASLA Professional Awards


General Mills Corporate Headquarters, Minneapolis, MN
oslund.and.assoc., Minneapolis, MN
Client: General Mills

Stunning, seamless coming together of old and new. . . Good relationship achieved between the landscape and the setting . . .
           2004 Professional Awards Jury Comments

The General Mills corporate campus is a statement of 1950s modernism juxtaposed against a pastoral landscape. With the acquisition of the Pillsbury Corporation, the campus needed to expand substantially to accommodate the influx of new employees. The landscape architect was charged with creation of a setting for the expansion to accommodate a new 324,000 square foot office building, a 138,000 square foot employee services building, and a 1,750-space parking structure. The landscape architect’s goal was to create the illusion that the new buildings were floating within the landscape atop a motionless plane of water.


Borovsky sculpture with new structures & water feature in background (Photo: George Heinrich)

Site plan. (Drawing: oslund.and.assoc.)

Water feature, new buildings, and lower courtyard. (Photo: George Heinrich)

New delivery/dock area. (Photo: George Heinrich)

Upper courtyard and new Employee Services building. (Photo: George Heinrich)

Upper courtyard, new Office Building and Burton table. (Photo: George Heinrich)

Band of Siberian irises, Bluestone and Mexican Beach pebbles. (Photo: Tadd Kreun)

Lower Bluestone terrace and water feature. (Photo: George Heinrich)

Water channel emerging from wall of link. (Photo: Tadd Kreun)

Aerial of land bridge, water feature, and new landscape. (Photo: Tadd Kreun)

Close up of land bridge and water feature. (Photo: Tadd Kreun)
New buildings, lower terrace, and water feature at night. (Photo: George Heinrich)

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