Critical Legislation on Parks and Recreation Moves Through Congress

Working with coalition partners and allied organizations, ASLA Government Affairs helped to successfully move several pieces of parks and recreation legislation through Congress.

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The Murkiness of the Clean Water Act

Since its passage in 1972, the Clean Water Act’s exact jurisdiction has been unclear. Read this overview and learn how recent developments affect landscape architects working on water and stormwater management projects across the nation.

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ASLA Supports Federal Legislation to Protect State Licensing Boards from Antitrust Damages

ASLA supports the recent introduction of the Occupational Licensing Board Antitrust Damages Relief and Reform Act (H.R. 6515). This legislation would protect state boards, board members, and staffs from private antitrust damage awards in exchange for states agreeing to evaluate the need for occupational licenses against a stated set of criteria.

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Smithsonian Institution Proposes Drastic Changes to the National Zoo Design

After more than a century of openness and integration with the surrounding neighborhoods and parks, recently the Smithsonian put forth a plan to restrict access to the National Zoological Park in D.C.

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2018 State Licensure Mid-Year Report

ASLA’s government affairs team, chapters, and grassroots advocates have been vigilantly monitoring -- and defending against -- state legislative and regulatory licensure threats throughout the first half of 2018. During this time, approximately half of the states have waded into the licensure issue.

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