The Inflation Reduction Act Prioritizes Landscape Architecture Solutions to the Climate Crisis

The Infrastructure Reduction Act recognizes and funds landscape architecture approaches to address climate change — from active transportation projects like Complete Streets and recreational trails, to nature-based water infrastructure, community tree planting, ecosystem restoration, and more. Additionally, the legislation makes significant strides in addressing environmental and climate justice and ensuring underserved communities receive resources to adapt to a changing climate.

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New and Successful Efforts to Defend Licensing

During the last several months, the Alliance for Responsible Professional Licensing successfully mobilized to both dispel an anti-licensure movement in Louisiana and reinvigorate responsible licensing in Illinois. To these ends, ARPL generated in-state public opinion research, concise op-ed writing, a strong presence at legislative and business fora, and digital media innovation. These successes provide useful blueprints for landscape architects to reference in the profession’s own advocacy efforts.

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Dangerous by Design 2022 Report and Upcoming Webinar

The National Complete Street Coalition, of which ASLA is a founding member, released the Dangerous by Design 2022 report. The report’s resource dashboard provides tools including statistical overviews, an interactive searchable map of “dangerous streets” within the United States, and metropolitan and state rankings of pedestrian fatalities.

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Biden Administration Vows to Act on Climate Crisis

ASLA’s Government Affairs team will continue to monitor the administration’s climate-related developments closely and work with allies and partners to promote policies that seek to mitigate the impacts of climate change.

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Biden Administration Advances Outdoor Recreation Opportunities

On July 21, 2022, the Biden administration relaunched the Federal Interagency Council on Outdoor Recreation (FICOR) to advance the administration’s America the Beautiful Initiative, which seeks to improve opportunities for outdoor recreation and access to nature. ASLA’s Government Affairs team continues to work to secure parks and recreation funding and policies that increase the profession’s opportunities.

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