Public Landscape Architects May Apply for Student Loan Forgiveness

ASLA encourages professionals to take advantage of the Biden administration’s revamp of the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program (PSLF).

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Advocacy Day 2022: Landscape Architects Advancing Climate Justice

This year’s Advocacy Day theme was Landscape Architects Advancing Climate Justice, with advocates educating policy makers about the landscape architecture profession and encouraging support of two pieces of legislation—the Excess Urban Heat Mitigation Act (H.R. 7534) and the Outdoors for All Act (S. 2887, H.R. 5413).

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ASLA Comments to FHWA to Reduce Greenhouse Gases

Specifically, ASLA urged the agency to encourage increased use of active transportation projects, including prioritizing walking, biking, transit use, and more, as a strategy for states to achieve GHG reductions.

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Illinois Now Accepting Applications for Licensure

IDFPR announced on October 18 that they were once again accepting applications for licensure and all previously licensed individuals were automatically re-registered without fee as required under the new Act.

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ASLA believes that a WOTUS definition should ensure healthy and safe drinking water, reduce adverse health consequences, bolster community tourism and recreation, and facilitate placemaking for coastal communities. ASLA’s Government Affairs team will continue to monitor Supreme Court WOTUS developments closely and work with allies and partners to promote a clear, consistent definition of waters of the United States that achieves these goals.

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