President Obama Acknowledges Landscape Architects' Role in Rebuilding Infrastructure


Recently, President Barack Obama visited 1776, an incubator for technology startup companies to talk about some of the important strides the U.S. economy has made over the last 52 months. He also stressed the need for more growth and progress and urged Congress to put politics aside and work on fixing the Highway Trust Fund so that it can continue to fund critical infrastructure projects – projects that put many professionals back to work.  The President goes on to state“investing in rebuilding our infrastructure -- that doesn’t just put construction workers back to work, that puts engineers back to work, that puts landscape architects back to work, it puts folks who are manufacturing concrete or steel back to work.”

ASLA is enthused that President Obama acknowledged landscape architects and their work on transportation infrastructure. Throughout the years, ASLA has worked to educate all policy makers about the critical role landscape architects play in the development and implementation of multimodal transportation projects, including transit-oriented development, walking and bicycle paths and trails, public transit stations, streetscapes, and more. As a result of these efforts, many members of Congress and locally elected officials now view landscape architects as critical leaders in planning and design, and promote policies that benefit the profession.   

Currently, ASLA government affairs is working with Congress on passing a reauthorization of our nation’s surface transportation law - MAP-21.  ASLA is advocating for the measure to continue programs and policies that spur active transportation projects that landscape architects design and plan. Passing and funding a multimodal surface transportation law, will not only benefit landscape architects and other infrastructure professionals, it will also help thousands of communities achieve their transportation and livability goals.  

Visit ASLA’s Transportation Planning and Design advocacy page, for more information. You can also view the full interview and read the transcript of The President’s Remarks on the Economy, 1776, Washington, DC.



Kevin Fry
Director, PR and

JR Taylor
PR Coordinator